Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dreams about Tarantulas

Last night I dreamed of tarantulas. Then of being in a place I've never been that had snakes and tarantulas--some were getting loose. Then being in some sort of an event where I couldn't find a bathroom, and I was crying hard because I couldn't find a clean(ish) bathroom to go, and my husband and son, neither one were helping me at all. I had to go so badly, that it hurt. Finally I woke up and went to the bathroom. I mean, sometimes, that's all it's about, right? Just get up off your lazy bum and GO.

Not sure what the snakes and tarantulas had to do with the whole thing. I'm not fond of spiders, but snakes don't bother me a bit. Perhaps just that they sometimes go together as novelty items in snake expos I've been to. I will steer clear of the spiders--although when they are in a plastic cup, I can look at them, and they are quite pretty...if a spider can be pretty. They really give me the creeps.

My story has bogged down a bit. Okay, bogged down a lot. It started out fresh and new and lively, and now, it's gotten to the point where I am not sure which direction to go. I want to flesh out the characters and give them more life--model them after friends and combinations of friends. I'm just not sure which way to

I spent the day yesterday eating potato chips and dip and knitting a pair of socks. I got another inch done on the legs. I watched a couple of movies on Direct TV and made some asparagus for dinner. So it was a laid back sort of day, while Hubby mowed his mom's lawn.

Today, we're supposed to work on the garage. There is really too much to do, and I'd hoped to work on it earlier in the day, but hubby is sleeping still at 9:35am. I've already had my coffee and started to think about breakfast. I'm thinking about another cup of coffee, though, because it's particularly good this morning. Hubby said he might take us to breakfast at Denny's (our usual place to go), but after buying the sirloin yesterday for the grill, I really wonder if he's going to want to do that.

I was right. He doesn't want to go. That's fine. I can make breakfast today. Maybe I'll get out some zesty sausage and make my breakfast scramble this morning! That's pretty quick and tasty.

Well, hubby is up now, so time to make the donuts. G'day!

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