Sunday, June 12, 2011

Today's Tarot

Is the 9 of Cups.

The card is marked "Stability", and the cups are lined up to look as if they are all balanced one atop the other.

Most decks show this card as the "get your wish" card. It basically means that things are going your way, and things are flowing right to your desktop.

Well, I sure WISH things were flowing right to my desktop. I just played a game of Scrabble on Facebook, and lost, but only by a few points. Final score was 276-262, and yes, I know that it's an entire 14 points. We were pretty evenly matched, even though she used words I'd never heard of--like Qi. What's a Q without a U--lonely, I guess. Qi just seems even lonelier without U. Aw, did you see that? I just made a funny.

Anyway, she got all the good letters, too, like the Q and the X--but I got Z and a triple letter score that sent me 5 points over her just toward the end of the game. After that, all I had was U's E's and I's.  Frankly, I couldn't find a place for them. I finally used my last letter on "UT", which is apparently a word in the dictionary, used up all my letters, while she still had a "C" and an "A". I got 4 points for using all my letters and she lost 4. But she still won by 14. It was a shame.

I'll probably play Scrabble again someday. It seems to be pretty cut-throat.

Maybe I should stick with my Tarot Cards.

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