Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yesterday vs. Today

Yesterday was SUCH a busy day. The day went so quickly, I barely had time to finish my work! I did what I could get done, and left the rest for today. It's going to be another busy day today, but a short one for all that, because I'm leaving work at 2pm today.

There's a movie I want to see at the theater. The trailer has a songtrack that I'm just dying to have--just to be able to play it in my car. I posted it to my facebook page. Since it's already had over 37 million viral views, I thought it was pretty much overkill to put it here.

So you'll have to run over to youtube to see the trailer for THOR. Yes, I think the Hammer dude is sexy as all that AND a bag of chips AND dip. (I mean, you can't eat chips without dip, can you?) I swear to you, this guy could eat crackers in my bed, and I wouldn't mind just standing there and WATCHING it. Sigh. He gives me the sighs. Sigh.

On the knitting front..not a durn thing. On the crochet front, I have several blocks for an afghan. I **so** want to knit! But you know how it is when you can't think of anything to write about? (I resemble that remark.) Well, I also get to a point where I can't think of anything I really need to knit. And knitting rather is a cool weather thing to do. So during summer, I generally crochet or sew--

But today--the MOVIES. Then maybe to knit night where I'll pick up the rest of my yarn for my kid's birthday present--it was *meant* to be his birthday present (his birthday being tomorrow makes it a little hard to do the whole thing in one day--not that I haven't pulled off miracles like that, but this time--I don't think so.). So it's probably going to end up a Christmas present instead, which will be a good thing, because he won't be able to wear it in summer ANYWAY.

I might also go with my girlfriend looking for a car. She needs a car, and then she can get a job. She needs a job. She doesn't want to be a burden to anybody. So far, she's doing pretty good, and we all want to keep it that way. I'm giving her a bag of homespun to knit with--just to keep her hands busy--until she finds her job. In the meanwhile, she can maybe sell a shrug. They're pretty easy to make.

Well, gotta brush the teeth and get on the road. See you tomorrow!

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