Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Breakfast

It's Sunday again.

It means I have to wring every last drop of free time out before bedtime when I have to go to sleep in preparation for Monday.

It's my least favorite day of the week, partly because it's so busy, but mostly because it is followed by Monday, when I have to go back to work. The prospects there are GRIM to say the least.

I bought a new sundress at Meijer's. I love the color, but the woman in the dress has never been photogenic. Still, it's a cool dress, and even though it's only 52 degrees outside, I still plan to wear it to breakfast.

Here's my husband's green thumb. Plants are his passion, I suppose, and he's thinking of getting a greenhouse. I think that it should be set up down by the creek bed. He thinks it should be out on the other side of the barn. I think it won't be SEEN from that side of the house, and I think that if it's near the creek bed, people from the main road going by will see it more readily, and we can put signs on it to draw folks from the main road. I'm not sure how all that's going to fly with the township and all--or whether they have rules about that sort of thing.

But a greenhouse is a lot of $$ and a lot of work. He thinks that it will keep him busy during retirement. I'm sure it will. But in our area of the "world" where it gets colder than a witch's (nevermind), keeping it warm in the winter is a REAL issue. I figure he thinks that he can get used oil to burn to keep it heated. I'm not sure that burning used oil would provide enough heat--not to mention, where's the SMOKE going to go? I mean, emissions, man! Not that I'm some hippie freak, but I do have this thing about my own carbon footprint. I'd sooner raise diamonds or dig for gold in Alaska. And I'm not that fond of cold weather besides.

I dislike the heat even more.

Come to think of it....

perhaps Michigan isn't the best place for me to be. Montana and Idaho sound good to me--no people for miles and miles. Not that I'm anti-social, mind you. I just have this book to write.

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