Monday, June 27, 2011

Tarot for the Day

I know. I know. The Casey Anthony trial is on everyone's mind. The defendant's lawyer is turning the whole thing into a three ring circus, and he's just the puppet master. Casey has him wrapped around her little finger, and she's pulling every string she can think of to lay blame in someone else's yard.

Except her own.

Now, the defense has a private investigator, talking with a psychic (Allison Dubois?) on the phone, who is telling him where to look. Vinnie Politan is saying "Psychic was VERY close." Psychics are not "close". They are either spot on, or they aren't psychics. Clairvoyant means "to see clearly". Being close only cuts it in horseshoes and bombs....and with bombs, you really don't have to be that close.

So I asked the cards about this "psychic".

I drew 7 of cups reversed, the Web reversed (compares to the Wheel of Fortune) and the 2 of Wands.

With the question "Who is the 'psychic'?"

Cards showing power and authority on both sides of the wheel of fortune, which is a card that could basically go either way. Could also mean a person with one foot in the here and now, the other in another world (especially as the Web would indicate), but having equal knowledge of both.

But you know, if a psychic is wrong, they cannot be trusted always, and that's a problem for psychics. That's why I asked about Allison DuBois. If you've never heard of her, then you aren't alive. She was the "creative" behind the show "Medium", which has either been cancelled, or has finished it's season, but I don't find it on my television anymore....but the show made a lot of "creative license" type of changes to make the show seem more accurate, rather than "cloudy" like some psychics are prone to be. Based on the show, I could say that if she was involved in the process, then MAYBE. But I highly doubt that she would have been.

Besides which, most psychics do not want to be involved in things of this sort. You will remember that I pulled cards when Caylee went missing--well, when she was finally REPORTED missing, and I knew she was dead even then.

So let's draw the cards again...."How did Caylee die?"


I draw the SUN, the Underworld (AKA Death) and The MOON.

So definitely NOT a drowning, or there would be water cards.

The following card is a fire card--the 10 of swords, but it's reversed in a manner that all the swords are pointing on top of the ground, rather than buried, and then the Page of Pentacles (reversed), which is how the underworld might see a young woman, leaving a body, and kneeling beside. And then, the three of cups, titled REGRET.

They are telling me that Casey Anthony is guilty of the crime. If it were someone else, the cards would have held an older woman, or a queen, in the Page's place. A Page is often a designator for a younger female.

So there you have it.

And before you call me crazy, let's remember, I never said I was a psychic or that I believe in them. But the world is full of very strange things that not everyone can explain.

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