Thursday, June 2, 2011


I get back to my book, and everyone vanishes! I had 33 hits two days ago, 17 yesterday and so far, zero today. Must be you guys don't care much for my story?

Or maybe you're all guys and paranoid now?

Well, I will continue on another day.

I had a class at JoAnn's today. It wasn't too bad, but it didn't get me home in time to watch my favorite show for Thursday night, which apparently has been cancelled or else due to the end of the season, it's just playing reruns, neither of which was palatable.

But I come home to find my husband watching Glee!

Holy cow! Who died and where did they take my husband?

My husband doesn't watch Glee!
My husband makes FUN of Glee!
He laughs (ha ha!) when it comes on! But there he is, watching it, presumably because it's "all that was on".

Yes, I'm sure.

A little excitement at the Governor's workplace, though, I understand--some substance (white) inside an envelope--I would hazard a guess, but wouldn't want to get anybody into trouble. Frankly, it was more likely a delivery of special foot powder, as we all know how odorous is the Governor's job...oh, wait, maybe that should be onerous? Whatever. Either, or--will make a man sweat. I guess that the person who opened the mail claimed that their hand felt odd (or something like that), and the person was cleared and sent home. Well, it sounds like a good excuse to me! Getting sent home by the boss? A paid holiday? Yeah! I'm all for that! I bet there's a rash of these white powder envelopes come Monday. Sheesh! Not that I'd know something about it--Oh, heck no! That's not my bag (of cocaine). Never touch the stuff. White powder, that is.

In any case, it would appear that there is a rankled customer--but you knew that would happen, didn't you? People are really complaining about the leadership in Michigan, but guys, get a clue! Even the president is starting to feel like he's not got a snowball's chance in ...okay, let's just say they'll be ice skating over at the devil's house before Obama gets a bill passed in the house. Frankly, the whole country is in a complete mess (according to my student this evening). She's taking her pension and heading for Alaska. Frankly, I think I'd like to go with her. I hear they're offering land in Alaska for free if you stay a year. She's only going for three months. Frankly, if they would promise me that I could sleep the entire time that the sun DOESN'T shine, there--I might consider going. As long as I got paid all the same. I could stand to hibernate just about now. I wonder if you get anything for 3 months? A paid cruise on the Caribbean Royal? An Ocean side hut in Tahiti? A small pyramid in Egypt? Okay, how about you just pay my mortgage?

In any case, friends, the country is going to Georgia in a handbasket. The infidels are taking over, and we're allowing it. Even the leadership knows it's all a bust. If you have money, take it and RUN--where ever you can. 

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