Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Casey Anthony al...

Again with the Tarot:
King of Pentacles
The Wheel reversed
The Queen of Wands Reversed

The King may be either the Judge (since the King is seated and has this "oh my god, I don't think I can stand another moment of this" on his face) or could be Casey's dad, Lee Anthony. The Wheel corresponds to the Chariot in the RW deck, and generally in it's right side up orientation indicates something to do with cars. In this instance, I see the wheel of justice being overrun with a lot of gobble-d-gook, and slowing to a creep. The queen is quite obviously Casey's mother, also reversed, which means it's likely that the jury doesn't believe her story at all.

It could also indicate an argument between Lee and Cindy that had no resolution, and now they are at odds with each other, contradicting each other.

I maintain my stand. No way does a cop not report a crime or an accident. I believe both of them believe that their daughter is a sociopath. I believe that both of them believe that she did it, but neither one knows for a certainty, and neither can prove it. They are too close to the liar to be objective, and they both are tossing monkey wrenches into the proceedings because they are being allowed to stay in the courtroom. That should never have been allowed, and Lee Anthony should have known better. And the Judge should have tossed them out on their ears when things began going horribly awry.

The whole thing has been done this way for ongoing drama factor. Personally, I'll be glad when the Jury leaves for deliberation. I don't think they'll be gone long, and I know that they will come back with a guilty verdict.

At this point, it's just a matter of time.

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