Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Die is Cast...

There is trouble in paradise. While it's true things could go either way, the less I work at it, the faster things will go.

I'm not sure what all that means, and it has spiritual tones to it. I can't really discuss it, due to it's private nature. The weirdness of last night's dreaming (or more appropriately, THIS MORNING'S dreaming) seems to indicate that things are moving in the background.

It's a hot day--very humid. I thought I might take a shower an hour ago, but I've been a lazy girl today. Hubby and I drove around to local garbage sales, and I found a LOT of yarn at a couple places, and he gladly bought a LOT of yarn for me to knit with (since I really REALLY like knitting, of course), so when I got home, I quickly pulled out the remainder of my Vanna's Ruby Red and finished crocheting the block for the afghan. Then I pulled the Log Cabin Scrappy Doo out of the bag, and knit several rows on it. The rows are getting longer the more yarn I put on the outside, and it's taking more yarn to do a single row, but not yet a whole skein. The blanket is almost 20" across now. It feels huge, heavy and warm on my legs, which I don't need right at the moment, so I might opt to hold off on it for summer and work on something lighter.

Like the Aeolian Shawl at Knitty. I've had this on my mind for some time now, and think I'm just about ready to start it.

But which yarn should I use? I bought several today that would work--all on cones--beautiful yarns that would knit up this shawl, which is just a little out of my comfort zone and includes nupps, which I've never done, but they look so yummy!

But I'm not sure how well the sweat on my hands will work with the wool coming off the cone, which is VERY fine. So, I'm procrastinating.

Never a good thing for me to do, but there you go.

So in the meanwhile, I decided to blog and let my monitor heat up the air a little more. I might check the stats for my page in a minute and see how many people have been here for one reason or another. There has been thunderstorm watches for all around us, but it's only hazy here. I suppose a storm could pop up out of no where, but it's cooling off now, so it's a little less probable.

I wish hubby would have put in the air conditioner yesterday. He's been quite the slacker lately. Actually, that's not true. He and a friend cut down all the lower limbs on the trees and firs in the yard and dragged them behind the barn. Being mostly pine, they will burn VERY hot, and hubby is concerned that when he burns them, he'll also burn down the barn. MUCH too close for comfort. So when he decides to do the burning, he will do so, further from the barn, a little at a time, and when the pile gets smaller (imagine a room 12x12, piled to the ceiling, which is how it stands at the moment), to touch it off. It will burn fast, because pine lights quickly being a soft wood, and turns to charcoal in no time at all. When I was younger, I had a fireplace, and I burned up a lot of 2 x 4's in my fireplace. I found out later, that wasn't really such a good idea, since it builds tar in the chimney much quicker than hardwoods do. I still wish hubby would have put in the a/c. It's just too smokin' in the house for me today.

Slow news day, today. I think everyone might be suffering with the heat/humidity. How about you?

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