Monday, June 6, 2011


There are a couple of people on Facebook that I have finally blocked. I feel that I don't need to read their constant haranguing with each other, with other people, and I certainly don't need either of them in my life.

They are caustic to others and poisonous to me. Frankly, I'm glad they are basically gone from Facebook completely. By blocking them, I no long get messages in the middle of the night from them, and I no longer see their hateful responses to others on the walls of my friends.

These people are toxic people. They say they care, when in fact they do not. For a while, their behaviors were hilarious to me, and now, I think that I need to move away from the fear and the pain and the hyper-vigilance that has been my watch-word for most of my life.

Yes, by all means, I intend to stay "on this side of the state"; however, I will continue to do the things that I love doing--such as spinning, knitting and crafts. I will continue to attend the Living History Show, the Kalamazoo Highland Festival and the Alma Festival for the sake of my friend Ray, who may not be long for this world--to listen and grieve my own losses. If I stay over here, it's only because I do respect my family and the people I call my friends. In like manner, you should stay on your side of the state and stop stalking me. If I'm friends with someone you knew and now do not like anymore, that is MY business. Do not make it yours.

I was a good person until I met you. I am still a good person, and I care a lot about people. I do not give a tinker's damn about child abusers, wife beaters or people who mistreat others to make themselves appear more human. I am a champion for the underdog, an intelligent human being, and a VALUABLE AND TRUSTWORTHY friend to those who deserve to have my friendship.

It's so sad that you have to lie in order to make yourself look more important. It was always you that had the problem, and you drew me into it, severed all my friendships, and got in the way of my making new ones because you wanted all the control. When you didn't get it, you left. Every relationship you've ever had was built on those same lies. I am sick to death and tired of living with them. If your current relationship knew that she was severing her relationships with people to side with you, and that eventually you would finish doing to her what you did to me, she would leave you in a heartbeat. Instead, she is so afraid you'll leave, that she'll do anything, including support your abusive nature, and deny her own good sense, in order to keep you in her life. Deep down, she knows you are destroying things. It's making her angry. I know what you're doing to her, because it's what you did to me.

I have been done with you for a long time. And now, at least I don't have to look at you. I don't have to read what you say, and even if you email me, I can immediately delete you and if you call, I can hang up. There is no way that I will ever forget your voice. And forget my name. I'm not sure why it matters to you so much. All I've ever did was to give it a GOOD reputation. You have a very bad reputation in many circles. I can't believe that I ever had feelings for you. I can't believe that I ever cared about you, and I can't believe that I married you, even though I knew there was something about you that just didn't seem right.

I kept your last name for my own reasons. I am not going to give you the satisfaction of knowing why, but you can be CERTAIN AND SURE that it had nothing to do with YOU. You are a life sucker. A leach and a letch. You prey on women in pain.

And you lie.

One day, the whole world will know the truth about you.

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