Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lacking Posts?

Well, I am really sorry that I haven't been around lately. I'm sort of working on a book.

Yes, you heard right. A book. I don't quite know how it happened! I was talking with a friend one day, and out popped this joining of two words, and then my mind went on a "free association" sort of trip, and before I knew it, I had the characters looking for all the world to be flesh and blood.

There's still a lot of "fleshing" out to do, but the basic premise is pretty well set, and before I get too much farther, I have to determine where the plot is going to turn and go in a different direction, but there you have it.

A book.

I've decided that my dog stinks. She stinks so bad, that I can't take her in the car to the doggie bath place, unless she wears a diaper--which of course, any self-respecting dog would NEVER do. So I will probably have to lay down some sort of rug or blanket in the front seat so that she can go and not make the car stink. Of course, being in that close a proximity will possibly gas me to death. We don't want zombies driving about, now do we? But first I have to call the doggie bath place to see if I can use their facilities, how much it costs, and other silly stuff, and they aren't going to open for another 2 hours or so.

I think I have time for breakfast....and maybe coffee as well. Yum. That just sounds good to me.

Yesterday (work day), I woke up at 3am, thinking I was hearing my cell phone alarm going off, but then I realized that my cell phone was still in my purse, and that I needed to go get it and plug it in or there would be no alarm (out of battery). When I kept hearing the alarm, I decided that maybe the phone was ringing, and determined that only an emergency would call me at 3am, so I got up and went past the kitchen to get my purse and phone.

Of course you know, that neither was the was neither ringing nor alarming--so I just brought it back into the bedroom, plugged it in, and went back to bed.

Well, that's when the dog decided she needed to go out for a potty break, and started barking and whining. So I got back out of bed and let her out on her leash. She has to be watched, otherwise, she gets into trouble, so I stood in front of the window and watched her as she did her business, then she saw me in the window, and decided it was time to go back in. She flicked a little dirt out the back kick, and was back at the door, so I let her in, returning her to her little cabin.

Not 10 minutes later, she was barking to go out again. AND she had gas. I figured...okay better out than in--so I got up AGAIN and let her outdoors again. She did her business, and asked to come back in. By this time, I had set down her food, and was so completely wide awake, that there was no getting back to sleep, and so I checked my internet stuff.

I found out that my email hasn't been downloading properly for 3 days. Now that might not be much to you, but to me, it's almost a big problem. I belong to a great number of groups and so end up with a lot of email, most of which I delete, but I do scan everything. I decided that there was something corrupted, so I deleted a bunch of email from my pop account, and then deleted a lot of email from my web account. When the download still didn't work, I transferred my email to another email account, knowing that yahoo was having a problem with their pop server. This has happened before, and after losing a bunch of mail, trying to to re-create my account, I got an email from yahoo--"sorry for the inconvenience, our pop-server went down and it took 3 days to fix it". Sigh.

So this time, I deleted only half of what I did the last time before I realized what happened. It's a good thing to have a google account for email if you have a yahoo pop account...then you can just transfer your email to google and pop it from there. For quite certain, both of them are NOT going to go down at the same time. But yahoo's seems to go down pretty regularly. There was no link on the web that I could locate to notify yahoo of their obvious troubles. So it was a wait and see sort of thing. Totally maddening.

By now, it's 5:30am, and time for me to get up and get my shower taken. So I didn't sleep from 3am on--and I.was.simply.exhausted.

I went to work and found out that the rest of the clerical staff had been given part of the day off, and that by afternoon, I would be alone with the telephone.


I also had the mail today.

Groan some more.

And 4 boxes of files that had to be reviewed, input into record's center, and re-boxed and sent to record's center.

Groan indefinitely.

Plus the regular work of openings and voice mail.

Oh, just kill me now and get it over with!

I did make it through the day, by taking one thing at a time, getting up and walking around every few minutes, and then, when it came my time to go, I asked the supervisor if he wanted me to stay until 5--because I usually leave at 4, you see, and somebody else covers the phone--he seemed to think he had a plan, but then said he had already turned in the time sheets, and couldn't pay for overtime, etc...and I said "oh, heck, I'll just come in late or something next week.."

This was agreeable to him, and so we tabled the matter, and I stayed until 5...which prompted one of the other managers to say "Wow, Tenna. You made it through the whole day plus an extra hour."

And I replied, "yeah, what's an hour more when you're already dead?"

Which made other people in the office laugh themselves silly. I mean, it's Friday. There's nearly nobody left in the office. You're tired. Your ready to go home and put your feet up. You must do something to keep the remaining people alive, right? Just because you're a zombie, doesn't change matters that much.

So when I got home (I don't remember driving at all.), I went to bed, covered up my head, and slept from about 5:30 to 8pm. I woke up just in time to watch Bones and House, and a little of the local news. Then I took a sleeping pill and went back to bed to get the rest I needed so that I could do some work today.

Now this is my plan, but there is not one single reason why I have to do it...I'm just going to do it. Hubby wants the garage cleaned out. We are going to work on the garage so that we can get the car inside. We want to do this before the 4th of July so that the firework bits don't fall on the cars. The second car is going in the barn.

Hubby also wants other things every day and twice on Sunday, but this Sunday he's going to be at his mother's working on her lawn, and I get to knit on the socks I started on Tuesday night. Speaking of which, since Tuesday night, all I've gotten done is a little more than an inch of cuff, so I have a bit to go.

I also have some sample knitting to do for Joann's and I have to go in to get the patterns. I have one, and that will keep me busy for a little while, but after that, I can work on the socks again. If I go to my mother in law's house, I'll work on stuff there. I have lots of time on Sunday, to rest after working in the garage today.

So you probably won't see me this weekend, as I'll be out and about doing--but I'll try to make it back when I figure out what my next turn of adventure is going to be for my book.

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