Saturday, June 18, 2011

Okay, Now This Just Is NOT Fair...

About a year ago, you might remember I introduced you to our new tv--we were so proud. I think it was the biggest one in the store at the time--not the BEST, but certainly the biggest. Now, they have 68" screen televisions that will do everything except run the bath water for you. Televisions that you can watch in 3D (with special glasses that only work for YOU--meaning that the tv comes is one set of glasses, and you have to order another pair SPECIAL at EXTRA COST of course, but I digress from my original intention here.

Tonight, our television said "ZZit" and went black.

There was no "Guys, I'm having a breakdown here" notice of any kind.

I'm telling you, they don't make televisions like they used to! We have THREE, count them, THREE analog televisions in the garage, and ONE still in our livingroom, even though the flat screen takes up the lion's share of the same wall--and we are too lazy to get the converter, attach it to the darn thing, and continue to watch the movie that we'd been watching--A Robert Redford flick, at that!

I don't know. My smaller screen wouldn't pull in the channel in the very next room, attached to the same wall that the bigger screen shares. Something about RF channels, is what my computer guru told me. Okay, sounds plausible. So of course, you know, that I contacted my computer guru to see if there was something he knew. He hasn't called me back yet.

So if someone decides to rip us off in the near future, you might as well forget it. The tv looks nice, but it don't work. In the meanwhile, I'll have to rent "An Unfinished Life" from God only knows where, just so I can watch the last 20 minutes or so.

An Unfinished Life and an Unfinished Movie. I think I'm batting a thousand here.

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