Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm Hot...and Strangely Cold...

I'm in my bedroom, typing this blog, and I realize that I've got goosebumps on my arms. Either it's cooling off outside, or I'm sick. We have the air conditioner going, but it's only blowing air around, since I turned up the thermostat so that I didn't freeze to death. Otherwise, I'd really be cold.

But outside the bedroom door, the humidity is, well, humid. Sort of like walking through water, without all the water. If it were really water, you could walk in and out of it, and be cooled off when the breeze floated by.

Right now, the trees are screaming for water, leaves turned over to catch the rain that isn't supposed to come until later, when things really cool down. There's a stiff wind too, as evidenced by my hair being in all sorts of directions on my head because I had to buy gas at the "pump your own" station today. Imagine Lady GaGa on a bad hair day, after a rough night when she got no sleep, and you'd have my look. Oh yeah, it's all over the place--spiky here, flat there. I have what's called a combination head. I've tied my hair up, but it's still hanging down, still on my neck, and making me feel hot, yet I have goose bumps on my arms. I think about the trees, and realize that they probably won't get the water they're waiting for.

I don't think the goosebumps are going to go away, either, unless I turn off the fan--which I'm not about to do.

I've been considering working on a couple more blocks for the afghan. I bought a couple more skeins of Vanna's--another mustard and an eggplant (read that gold and purple). Why people can't name colors according to the Crayola Crayon box I'll never know...of course, that might have been "updated" along with all the other politically correct ways of saying things. I don't imagine that there's a crayon color named "Flesh" anymore. We can't have little kids running around saying "Gimme my FLESH back..." No, I just don't think it would be proper.

Wow. I think I just beat Barb Cooper at digression pool.

Anyway, I'm sitting here, thinking about different things, and I wonder about people who sit and think about nothing at all. Random thoughts bust through my consciousness constantly barraging my senses with data from all different kinds of things. It's like watching the news, except it isn't very news-worthy. I wonder if anybody else thinks the way I do--I wonder if they think they're going a little bit bonkers. Then I wonder if I should pull a card and ask what all this is about.

So I do.

What the heck? I pull my significator, the Queen of Swords, reversed, the 5 of wands, and the 7 of Cups.


Basically, it's saying I've got too much time on my hands. Go watch some television with your husband.


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