Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Okay. Now I know what lust is.

A friend of mine and I dropped over to the movie theater to watch Thor.

What a hunk! I do think I said that in my last post.

Well, come to find out, he was born in August 1983. That makes him four years younger than my only son. I'm old enough to be his mother!

This is quite discouraging. At knit night, they called me a cougar. Shoot, all I wanted to do was watch him eat crackers in bed, but I didn't think he was just a baby! For crying out loud! What do I do now?

There's going to be at least another movie about Thor, but who knows when that's going to come. I do know that he'll be in a couple of movies in 2012. Something to look forward to, at least.

But 1983? I couldn't keep up with 1983 if I wanted to! If I had to! Not even in my dreams! Even so, Anthony Hopkins was also in the film, and golly, he's getting so old--but he was old in the movie "Three Brothers" too. The man is ancient--old enough to be MY father, yet he was Thor's father in the movie, and I think just now, that he would have to be my option (if there were only men from Thor available)--and well, frankly, that's just even more depressing!

The show was good, although I really don't remember the plot, per se, since all I could think about was watching him eat crackers and all that...the film was full of special effects, and lots of cool and different views of worlds. There was even a metal, fire-breathing knight--covered head to toe in armor--come to destroy the earth and such, but you have to know something about Norse mythology to keep up with what's really going on behind the scenes. Since I knew a little, it wasn't hard to keep my friend up to snuff--although I wonder if she already knew the stories.

So if you don't know here goes my version:

In Norse mythology, there is Odin, the All-Father, sort of like the top-God person. He was a hero, a giant of a man. He lived in Asgard, a planet/star universe not unlike our own, made a little more famous with StarGate SG-1. There was the "Tree of Life" which was the bridge between worlds--not unlike a wormhole, and allowed people to travel between. Then there were Odin's son's, Thor (God of Thunder, and War) and Loki (God of Mischief). Thor was first in line to become King of Asgard, but Loki was jealous and wanted the throne, too. However, Loki was not Odin's natural son, but an adopted son from another world with which the Asgardian's were at war.

There was a break in to Asgard, and it nearly resulted in the theft of an article from the Asgard archives that would allow this other race to destroy the tree of life, and cause the whole "rainbow bridge" to be destroyed so that no one could come and go. Loki was involved in the break in, but no one knew at the time. Thor decided to take some of his friends and go to this other world and find out why, a fight ensues with this other world, and he comes back, his father pulling his ear, losing his kingship and being tossed, without his powers, to Earth.

He's found by beautiful Natalie Portman, who is in charge of a small research team that sits out in the desert at night, watching the stars, and taking notes and measurements. One of the team uses a stun gun on him, Natalie runs over him twice. He ends up being taken by the "Men in Black" while trying to retrieve his hammer.

To find out what happens next, you'll have to watch the movie or read the book. Thor has lots of adventures in the old stories and comics, so I'm sure you'll take the time to look and research yourself. But do see the movie. It has lots of action, and the special effects are really quit breathtaking.

Well, time to dress for work. See you later.

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