Saturday, September 17, 2011

Almost There...

Progress on the circular shawl, Persica has been slow--mostly because to knit a row, you have to knit two, and that's only 2100 stitches. And once the eyes go, you might as well hang it up.

But today, I managed to get about 5 rows done while waiting for my class to start, and then another row when my class was finished. The student and I sat down and she practiced while I worked one more resting row, and then I headed for home.

Now the problem is that my chair is "stewing".

"Okay," I hear you saying, "what does she mean by 'stewing'."

Well, this morning, I doused both of our chairs with pet deodorizer. I washed the cushion for my chair and doused the cloth cover for the spring set, and doused hubbies chair quite heavily, because it's one of those "poofy" style chairs--so you know that the deodorizer has to go quite far down into the foam rubber, so I put quite a lot (almost the whole bottle) on it.

And so they are still wet, while the deodorizer is working. So 'stewing'.

But we have no place to sit (either of us) in the living room because the chairs are both "stewing". So we are in the bedroom, watching Monk.

And while my chair stews, I can't sit in it to knit. So now you know my problem.

But I'm just about to get the cushion out of the dryer (that is, if it's dry--another "almost there" situation most likely), and then I can sit in my chair to knit and watch television. I hope that hubby's chair is dry tomorrow, but the likelihood is pretty much nil. So I got him a chair to sit in from the kitchen, but he's not fond of that idea, so he decided to crawl into bed.

I'm outta here.

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