Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Okay, there's not much. I got two rounds done--that's 2100 stitches. I just finished round 7 and started round 8, which is a resting row. I should get two rows done per day now that I'm working again (that 3-day weekend did wonders for my progress on this shawl!). Working days, however, play havoc with my spare time. Then I come home, have to eat dinner, and clean up (usually), which also bites into my time...or just bites, whichever way you'd like to understand it.

But I won't have the shawl done in time for the local fair (next weekend). I cannot possibly get it done, not even if I took the rest of the week off! I knit for 2.5 hours tonight at knit night and only got 2 rounds done. That's a pittance...or maybe I did 3 and just don't remember. 3154 stitches does sound a little better, but when you're talking about over 100,000 stitches, well, it just seems like a drop in the bucket.

Even so, the designer was very nice to get back to me on Ravelry (and also left a comment here, so I am so blessed!!!) as quickly as she did--it helped me to get started and back going. The most unfortunate thing about it all is that now, there are too many stitches around to take it to the office...because I cannot possibly get a round done in an hour, and I have to eat.

Though, truth be known, I almost didn't even get a lunch today due to writing up my procedural manual for the supervisor. She wants it so she can farm it out to her staff. Pretty soon, I won't have a job except for answering the flipping phone and filing, which disgusts me. I'm not sure why the bosses think that I can't handle my job, but it's quite possible that they want me to do something else. It wouldn't be the first time my job has changed. I'm quite resistant to change, I'm finding out. Well, perhaps not CHANGE so much as concern that I might miss something in the training, and that will end up resulting in more mistakes being made. I just cannot tolerate training someone who simply cannot do the job properly. And I am a tough taskmaster.

Well, it's 11pm, so I best turn in. I'd really like to say more, but beyond the fact that I'm a little worried about my mum--she's getting on in years. I worry that one day soon, we'll lose her. She's not as strong as she used to be, and her home has been her whole life. She says it bothers her to stand at the sink and do dishes now.

Yep. Worried about her.

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