Friday, September 30, 2011

Five Long Days

Makes a long, long week, but it's finally over, and the weekend is HERE! YAY!

I haven't much to say, except that I can't wait for my yarn to arrive for Catkin. I ordered it the other day, and I'm expecting it either tomorrow or Monday at the latest. I'll let you know when that arrives.

In the meanwhile, I'm more or less waiting for my husband to get home. He's been playing Spider Solitaire on my computer because he cannot use his own machine (broken). Know why it's broken?

Well, I will tell you why it's broken.

He doesn't know how to weed out spam, he clicks on all sorts of things that he shouldn't because he believes his machine should work faster than it does, and he's always getting some sort of virus or malware because of it. And so his computer breaks down.

Right now, it's in a continuous boot loop--I'll probably call my computer guru and ask him what to do. HIS friend said that it's probably a bad driver. Right.

So I'll get my computer guru over here to check things out and get him up and running, because I can't take the possibility of him putting malware/virus files on MY computer. And he's been all over the internet with my machine, even though I told him NOT to do so. So I have to get my guru over here quick.

So tonight, I knit, and finish up the fingerless gloves for JoAnn's, and then I can knit myself a pair of lavender gloves. I'm rather looking forward to that. I may make some slip stitch mittens instead--they would be really warm. But for now, stay focused.

You see, I wondered why my fingerless gloves turned out so long for the finger part--and come to find out that I totally misread the starts from the top and works to the cuff--I was so focused on it being a bottom/to/top thing that I completely missed the fact that it starts at the top, and misread 2" for 4". So it made no sense, and I made them WRONG.

So now, I'm making them right, and ripping out what I had. With that in mind, I can use the extra yarn for longer cuffs (as I might please) or just make them as written and use the extra yarn for some other thing. Which will make my husband happy.

I also have to reknit his gloves, as they grew a big hole last year. And he really needs his gloves, so I might just knit them back up this weekend. He's not home right now, and I don't know where he is. I'm hoping that he didn't go to the grocery store, but I am completely mystified where he might have gotten to.

(Hush! I know you're not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition! Bad writer! Bad!)

I think I'm going to go knit now. One fingerless glove is done, and I have to the thumbhole done on the second, so it won't take me but a few hours to finish this last one, and get started on the next project.

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