Monday, September 12, 2011

A Short Break

I needed a little down time from the shawl. It's really hot today, and having that much alpaca on top of me just didn't sound too appealing.

So I stopped at Meijer's, picked up a skein of Sugar N Cream, and crocheted up one of those diagonal potholders.

What fun! A little boring, but a cute little item that went really quickly, and I have a potholder in my drawer for the pain and boring of it.

You start with a crochet chain as long as you want the diagonal to be. Then you start working single crochets in all but the first ch from hook, work 3 singles in the last chain, then working on the opposite side of the chain, put an sc in each ch across, then work 2 sc in the last ch.

Now you just work in rounds and make a bag, of sorts, doing a single crochet in every single crochet. As you get "taller" the top and bottom "points" become evident, and you fold, origami style. Keep crocheting until the rows come together close, then tie off at the end (or close to it). Leave enough yarn to sew the opening shut, AND to chain yourself a little loop to hang it with.

You can crochet it together, but it leave a bump, and pans may not sit flat on it...but I crocheted mine shut. Guess that makes me a rebel.

And here's the finished product for your review:

Pretty cool, huh? I used a variegated yarn, which I think adds a lot of interest. None of the colors match my kitchen colors, but it's a potholder, right? I mean, do we have potholder police?

With that, I blog, check Ravelry, look at Facebook, maybe knit some on my shawl, then to bed with me.

Sleep tight!

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