Friday, September 16, 2011

Finally Home

And finally Friday. Something stinks.

No, really--in my house. I think a mouse died somewhere. I've taken out the trash, cleaned the snake pit and the house still stinks just when you walk into the door. I can't make out exactly where it's coming from, but it's enough to really knock you over.

And the cat urine/ammonia smell coming from my husband's chair is enough to burn my nose! So I have to take care of that tomorrow--VERY SOON--I don't know why they have chosen his chair--because the litter box gets cleaned every time I feed them...It's getting really bad. I wonder if there's something I can put in the chair that will discourage them from jumping into the chair in the first place. At least then I can use some pet urine deoderizer. However, my husband can't sit in it until it dries. It's one of those overstuffed cushion type chairs. When he sits in it for a very long time, I can still smell it on him when he comes to bed.

And that's bad. And he doesn't like it, and neither do I. I'm not sure how he can stand it.

So I got the snake pit cleaned out, and gave the snake a little bath in the tub. She doesn't especially care for it, because I like to pet her in the tub, and she's not really a petting type pet. I like to get her completely wet, it gets her clean, and gives her a chance to swim a little bit. That part she does like. Afterward, to keep her calm, I put her in a pillow case and tie the top while I clean out her pit. Then I add fresh aspen and a new hide for her. Then I untie the pillow case, and coax her out. She didn't want to get out, this time. I think she was feeling pretty safe inside the pillow case.

But she's installed in her pit again, and getting accustomed to the surroundings. I have to get her a new hide, but temporarily, I'm using a box. She should like her new hide when I get it inside the pit. Then, she'll settle down to a nice hibernation.

And I plan to do that myself, a bit earlier than usual tonight, because I am tired. I finally got to a point where I felt like I was ready to start in on some of the work at the office, and then it was time to go home. Go figure.

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