Friday, September 23, 2011

I Didn't Think it Could Happen...

But Friday finally showed up. And it's a short day, too, so I get to leave at 4 and be home at the normal time. I think I might have a rider to ride to work with as welll, and that might even make things a lot better.

But as my brother-in-law put it so succinctly:

A bad day fishing is still better than a good day at work.

True. So True.

Nearly done with the second "glovelet". It will be done this afternoon/evening. They go pretty quick, even though they are ribbing. I knit continental for ribbing, which makes it go all the faster, but I would really like some instruction on how to move the stitches, and control them, because as I near the end of the row, the stitches like to pop off that left hand needle, and I have to fiddle with the yarn and the last of the row to maintain control.

Once done with the glovelets, I have to check the JoAnn's patterns again. I believe there's a cowl to make out of a few skeins of Vanna's, but that should go pretty fast, too.

Then CATKIN! I can hardly wait to bite into this pattern. I'll wait until Saturday to take a really GOOD look, because as I looked at it on Tuesday, I thought "OMG". I'm a little worried that it might be too much to keep track of on this puny little fried brain of mine.

And the ramps are FINALLY done at the corner, so I can shave 15 minutes off my travel time. Still have to be at Speedway at 6:30, but other than that, I'm good to go. I'm seriously excited about having a rider, because she's going to be the person I ask if she'd like to live in our basement. She's good people, and we get along really well. Since she lives alone, and SO far away, she might be willing to move 30 minutes closer. It's an option that she can choose or not, but I think she's the one I'd offer it to, if I offered it to anybody.

Well, she just messaged me a no for today's ride. So I'm going to pop into my car and head out. I hope everyone has a good day, and as Red Green says: "Keep your stick on the ice." It's a hockey reference, but with the colder weather coming, it seemed somewhat appropriate!

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