Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Kalamazoo Festival

I spent the entire day doing not much more than spinning, chatting, a little knitting and listening to Bagpipes. All day. It was heaven.

I spun up another bobbin of white Romney. Then started on my knitting. I didn't take a lot of pictures, but here are a few...

 Early in the morning at the break of day....lalalala.
 And then a little bit later...I was trying to catch the fog...but you know how slippery fog is.
 This is my Scotty Friend Ray...We do this gig every year. That and the Living History Show and the Alma Highland Festival. Then perhaps we do something else for other seasons. I am his computer guru, and keep his machine from slowing down.
 This, as you can see, is one of the "harpists". They were in a tent a few steps behind us under another tent closer to the bathrooms that were, sadly, closed this year. Everyone had to walk all the way across the parking lot to get to the john, and everyone complained about it.
 This here, is a cute Sheltie--or miniature Collie. Whatever, she wasn't shy. The owners tell me that she was a rescue, and that she's only just beginning to be more social. That's a good thing, because she was quite adorable.
 And then there was this big lug. A Mastiff, I believe. Brindle grey, and really quite attractive, but too much doggie for me.
 And yes, they live in the same home.
 Cameo shot.
And the big guy demands equal time..can't imagine why. Notice the drool on his lower lip there? Yeah, that's the REAL reason why I wouldn't have this much dog.

But not a single picture of the bands (there were only 3) or any of the pipers or drummers or EVEN the spinners and knitters and weavers! I guess I was just too focused on my own endeavors to allow it to matter much. Indeed, the pictures I did take, were usually when I was on the way to the potty, which seemed a mile away on a hot day--even with the cool breeze.

After the whole affair was over, Ray and I drove to the Galesburg McDonald's and had a bite to eat. And on the way out, my ex and his current wife whooshed by on their motorcycle. Ray wanted to make chase, but I was driving and decided it probably wasn't a good idea. No need for the man to have just cause for suing me for stalking and harassment.

The drive home was pretty uneventful. We were chatting the whole time, but not about any serious thing, and then suddenly, we were back at my place. I'm not sure why--oh, yeah, had to hit the potty again, so I was in a hurry, and so we said hasty "goodbye" and "sayonarah", and Ray headed for his home. I stayed up late and knit myself to sleep in my chair. I put it away and fell into bed, exhausted. I was pretty exhausted the next day too. Something about the sun just drains everything out of me.

The last few days have been a blur since, and this week has gone by quite fast. I had a doctor's appointment this morning, and I think that they've decided that I have a little arthritis in my lower back. This would not surprise me. And the big news at the office is that someone was raped in the vehicle parking building two blocks down. We're all a little skittish after hearing about that. Today is payday, and there's nothing on Ravelry that I absolutely must have, so I'm saving money again. Of course, you never know. Something might turn up over the weekend. Most of the better patterns are posted on the weekend. Take this one, for instance, which has sort of caught my eye, but hasn't settled in for nesting...

 And it can be found here in lots of different configurations, which makes it pretty interesting.

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