Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bug bite

I was sitting at my computer the other day when I felt something bite me. I was in the dark and did not see what bit me, reached over to scratch the area and felt the culprit under my fingers.

I'm pretty sure I squashed the culprit, but there was no carcass left of it.

The bite bubbled up immediately, but the itch wasn't too severe. It wasn't like a mosquito bite-it left more like a very large pimple.

There's been a lot of chatter on the news about bed bug bites and bed bugs in general, so I looked up "what does a bed bug bite look like" and rifled through about 20 pics of people with really severe cases on arms legs and backs--then found one that looked like what I have on my hand--mind you a mich more severe case, but the bubble was quite similar.

I think I might have been bitten by a bed bug-which surprises me, because we don't travel. We don't spend time in hotels or motels. Neither of us have any other bites upon our person, and I was working at my computer (rather than in bed) at the time!

It may not be a bed bug bite at all, but instead, just a very virulent mosquito bite.

Whatever it is, I pinched it to get the poison out as much as possible and have had it soaked in peroxide, alcohol, caladryl-you name it.

It has scabbed over, but I think it might be a good idea to have the doctor look at it-of course, it's now several days old and doesn't look nearly as horrible as that first night. I doubt that there is anything I can do about it. Of course, if it IS a bed bug, there is not much I can do except to pull up carpet and get rid of the bed and all the bedding, and call an exterminator. It's only too possible that I picked it up on my clothing from somebody at work!

But where there is one, there may soon be more, so I am, naturally, very concerned.

Even at several days old and scabbed over, it itches like mad. Unbelievable!
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