Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Life Intervenes...

And it's something like a civil warning, where they tell you "and we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming". I got an entire row done at the office yesterday, and an entire row done last night when I got home from work.

Tonight is no less "busy", as I have knit night at the Cackle Shack--where as you might guess, there is no opportunity for concentration. I'm thinking about starting the gloves for my husband instead--so that I can get that out of the way. It makes me wonder if I'm just not up to making this wrap (Rhiannon), if I'm just tired of working so hard on it, or if I'm just plain worn out.

The fact that my vision blurs every time I pick it up doesn't help--that means that I'm already completely weary by the time I'm able to get it out of the box and work on it. NOT a good idea.

I wondered what I should know today, so I drew cards--all reversed:

The 9 of cups
The Page of Wands

The Ace of Pents

To me, this is telling me that I'm going to work my buns off, lose my nerve and end up not getting that hoped for promotion/recognition/finish the job. Which could mean at the office or with Rhiannon, and I've got concerns about both. Sure, I only just started training at the office, and didn't get very far, but there is SO much to remember, and once I get a process down, I'll get it without too much trouble, but right now, it's pretty sketchy. I don't remember a thing about what I learned yesterday.

Must remember to read my notes.

And it's a shame that I couldn't get the announcements done last night. I got the pictures done, which is good, but I ended up having to save the files to CD. I'll run them in to Insty Prints today. Kinko's wanted $0.70 per page for the paper, and Insty--only $0.10. So I am planning on having Insty Prints do the prints for me. It should cost just as much to do it at home.

Still, it's rather a pain, but onward and upward, right?

One of the blogs I read (So the Thing Is) has a post about being angry with a teacher for picking on her kid. Well, you know how the first few days of school go. Teachers have lots of children, and it's difficult to remember all those names (heck, I can only remember about 6 names of the knit group, and I've been going there for MONTHS!). Having the child to write their last name on their homework helps them to remember the child's name, face and how good they are at what they're doing. And I think, to give the child some slack, that the teacher is being a little too exacting--maybe trying too hard...maybe worried about funding...maybe trying to make an example and infer that she's not one to be trifled with--play by the rules type of teacher. These are all good things to teach a child so that they figure out early that they can't get away with breaking the rules later in life. I wanted to say all that to the mom, but thought--maybe not to stick my nose in this time--mother bears being what they are, naturally, the teacher is at fault....NOT MY CHILD. I can almost hear it now. Plus being moderated for my comment--if it's allowed to be posted at all. Not that mom is reactionary that way, and she would probably read my comment, consider it for a second or two, and then deny my IP access to her blog.

And so, I said nothing. So much for being devil's advocate. I've had "exacting" teachers like that before, and most of the time, they don't do that sort of thing to hurt your feelings, but it does teach you later in life to toe the line and do whatever needs to be done, to get yourself head and shoulders above the rest and not to follow the ones that have next to nothing to look forward to into the pit of unemployment and the government dole.

I mean, someone's got to pay my social security, right?

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