Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rhiannon Again...

This time a progress pic

Bug bite

I was sitting at my computer the other day when I felt something bite me. I was in the dark and did not see what bit me, reached over to scratch the area and felt the culprit under my fingers.

I'm pretty sure I squashed the culprit, but there was no carcass left of it.

The bite bubbled up immediately, but the itch wasn't too severe. It wasn't like a mosquito bite-it left more like a very large pimple.

There's been a lot of chatter on the news about bed bug bites and bed bugs in general, so I looked up "what does a bed bug bite look like" and rifled through about 20 pics of people with really severe cases on arms legs and backs--then found one that looked like what I have on my hand--mind you a mich more severe case, but the bubble was quite similar.

I think I might have been bitten by a bed bug-which surprises me, because we don't travel. We don't spend time in hotels or motels. Neither of us have any other bites upon our person, and I was working at my computer (rather than in bed) at the time!

It may not be a bed bug bite at all, but instead, just a very virulent mosquito bite.

Whatever it is, I pinched it to get the poison out as much as possible and have had it soaked in peroxide, alcohol, caladryl-you name it.

It has scabbed over, but I think it might be a good idea to have the doctor look at it-of course, it's now several days old and doesn't look nearly as horrible as that first night. I doubt that there is anything I can do about it. Of course, if it IS a bed bug, there is not much I can do except to pull up carpet and get rid of the bed and all the bedding, and call an exterminator. It's only too possible that I picked it up on my clothing from somebody at work!

But where there is one, there may soon be more, so I am, naturally, very concerned.

Even at several days old and scabbed over, it itches like mad. Unbelievable!
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Latest Drama...

Don't worry. He's okay. No one got hurt.

Except the car, most likely.

Hubby is looking into it today.

It took two wreckers to pull him out of the hole in a construction zone. Don't ask.

I'm still mad about it. It's costing a fortune to get the car out of hock. I just hope that the car will start and roll down the road without something important falling off. I'm pretty sure the car is toast, but hubby and step-son will find out and likely tow it home if it can be fixed.

Me? I've got to go to the office and try to keep my mind on the business at hand...but first, I have to let the dog in and get my knitting stay tuned for the end results of all of this.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Progress on Rhiannon

A pic is worth a thousand words.


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Monday, September 27, 2010

Rhiannon Progress

Well, here it is!

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Gloves are Finished, Part Deux

I finished hubby's gloves in only 9 days--that's right--9 days. I can't believe it myself. I actually thought I got them done a lot faster than that--after all, the second glove took only two days total work time.

I actually worked on Rhiannon again today, and I'm past the 4-leaf clover part on the second repeat, pic to be had later, after I've worked a little longer upon it.

Tomorrow night is knit night in Lake O--planning on working on a new project--yes, another one going on the needles--this Wonderful Wallaby, which I have made before, but I have temporarily lost the pattern. It's in my sewing room.

Funny story, that...

The boys have been working on the remodel downstairs, and the walls are all done and everything is closed up. The boys never checked my room to make sure that the light worked in there, figuring that "well, everything else lights up--" Now it might be that the ballast has gone out, or the bulbs could be old and have died (they were sort of humming the last time I had the light on), or it could be that they cut power to the room without really knowing that they'd done so. That, I'm afraid, would be a "worse case scenario".

In the meanwhile, one of my friends has offered to loan me her copy, since I can't look for mine in the semi-darkness. I've already started buying the yarn!! I've got two skeins just ITCHING to be started--and Rhiannon wants to go with me, too.

Yes, Rhiannon is now talking to me--quite well, in fact, and with a slight German lilt.

"I long to be around your shoulders on the chilly nights while you watch television!"

Oh, she knows her place already!

Such a smart wrap!

Well, it's dinnertime, and the husband is growling. I plan to work on Rhiannon while watching television tonight. Chuck is on tonight. House is on, too, and both of us are tossing coins on which one to watch. Neither of us can decide which one we want to see the worst. I wish we had a DVR. ;(

In any case, time to eat--pic later of Rhiannon progress, so stay tuned!

2nd glove

All but the finishing! Looks really good!

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A New Monday Thought..

My thought for Monday is that one (meaning me, personally) should never attempt to try to wake up at 5:30 am. It's just too hard on the body!

But I have to go to work today. Luckily, it's my regularly scheduled doctor day, and I get half the day off to go to the doctor. After which, I head back to my friend's house and we knit (or spin, or crochet, or rug hook, or whatever--some just drink, tell stories and laugh our foolish heads off.). We're a good group of fishes in the aquarium.

Yes, I know...yawn. The dog is barking again--

It's time to get dressed. It's a bit chilly this morning, too. I believe I'll wear a cardigan this morning, and maybe a hat and gloves!

I am nearly done with hubby's gloves too--just a thumb to put on and the finishing--but otherwise, a done deal. I'll be checking for small holes and sewing them closed today. Then I need another new, small mindless knit to take my mind off the stress of Rhiannon, and I think it's going to be a wonderful wallaby. It's a sweater pattern with a pouch in front--rather like a Kangaroo. The pattern is written in sizes from infant to adult. It's a great little booklet. I think it's downstairs in my knitting room somewhere. Good luck finding it, too. It's a smaller booklet--half the size of a regular sheet of paper.

Moving on...after texting my step son about the bookcase, blocking my craft room door--

I asked the Tarot where a certain article was hidden. I drew the Knight of Cups. Entitled "Movement" and being a water card, my first thought was 'in the bathroom'. So I hunted in there. Everywhere. And did not find it.

But the Knight of Cups is also the card of an overly romantic, sensitive person--the type who brings flowers, but forgets to put gas in the car on a who tends toward the melodramatic. Well, that would be me--mrs. drama queen--tiara and all.

In any case, I found said article under the bed on my side of the bed. 

I think it's a good think I found what I was hunting for--and I just read the card wrong.

Well, time to finish preparing for the office. I need some caffeine, my phone and something to knit on my one and only break (the glove) and a tapestry needle, my purse, and an aware mind.

Perhaps I need a tarot card for that last item.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Progress: Rhiannon

Yes, folks, progress has been made today knitting on Rhiannon, as well as one finished glove for my hubby this winter.

Two patterns memorized now and I am working with just two pattern charts now--the right hand side and the center. The left hand side is mirror image, therefore if I just do the opposite of the right hand--I get the same results.

By these things, I judge that I am progressing more quickly. By the time I get to the end of this wrap, I will have memorized the entire thing.

Ok maybe not. 72 rows is a bit much to remember!

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One Done,

And one to go!

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Nearly There

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Knitting? What's That?

Sorry folks. I have bad news. Today, there was a party to say goodbye to two long-timers at my work. Yes'm. Retirement. Lucky dogs! Of course, I've known them a long time, and I suppose that we were work-friends--so I'm a little sad that they're leaving. I worked the party all day, so I didn't really get any knitting in today, unless you count finishing off the pinkie finger on my husband's gloves while waiting for our pizzza.

Not a whole lot to show for all that, either. Save for a few tears from self-pity. I want to retire too! Don't leave me behind!

Beyond all that, this week has exhausted me. It's only 6pm, and I think I could probably slide between the sheets and fall directly to sleep and then all through the night...but as you might guess, there is work to be done.

Border CollieImage via WikipediaFirstly, I had to let Mandy (my Border Collie) outdoors to go potty. Walking into the house was a nose-wrinkler, and I thought she'd had an accident. Happily, such was not the case. And, no, that's not her in the picture. I'm just too lazy to get my own pic right now. The smell, it would appear comes from the fact that my snake needs a bedding change.

So, after cleaning out the spare cage, I pulled my snake  out of the old cage and installed her in the new cage where she IMMEDIATELY started to slink around, looking about for the "other" snake that used to be in that cage. Finding no competition, she is now happy and slurping water. I will feed her next week when she's good and hungry.

From that, I wondered out loud what was on television tonight. I think Medium and Ghost Whisperer are on tonight. If that's the case, it's possible that I might get some knitting in today after all!

I'm off to see the Wizard, I guess. I'll miss my friends--happy that they can retire and enjoy what's left of their lives. Sad that I can't join them, and sad that I won't be able to see them every day anymore. Off on their own adventures--I wish them bon chance!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Progress On Rhiannon

One repeat of the center done, one pattern memorized, and 14 rows into the second repeat.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lousy Storm!

Before the storm even began, the lights went out, rendering my planned knitterly evening a bust--

That is, until I got the hurricane lamp out.

There is nothing quite as impressive as trying to knit in semi darkness--and since I am not capable of reading the Rhiannon chart, I got out the yarn to knit on hubby's glove.

I know appreciate people who can knit without sight--if you think that's next to impossible, try knitting in semi-darkness with black yarn!

I'm going to bed now. Enough with this addiction for one night!

Life Intervenes...

And it's something like a civil warning, where they tell you "and we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming". I got an entire row done at the office yesterday, and an entire row done last night when I got home from work.

Tonight is no less "busy", as I have knit night at the Cackle Shack--where as you might guess, there is no opportunity for concentration. I'm thinking about starting the gloves for my husband instead--so that I can get that out of the way. It makes me wonder if I'm just not up to making this wrap (Rhiannon), if I'm just tired of working so hard on it, or if I'm just plain worn out.

The fact that my vision blurs every time I pick it up doesn't help--that means that I'm already completely weary by the time I'm able to get it out of the box and work on it. NOT a good idea.

I wondered what I should know today, so I drew cards--all reversed:

The 9 of cups
The Page of Wands

The Ace of Pents

To me, this is telling me that I'm going to work my buns off, lose my nerve and end up not getting that hoped for promotion/recognition/finish the job. Which could mean at the office or with Rhiannon, and I've got concerns about both. Sure, I only just started training at the office, and didn't get very far, but there is SO much to remember, and once I get a process down, I'll get it without too much trouble, but right now, it's pretty sketchy. I don't remember a thing about what I learned yesterday.

Must remember to read my notes.

And it's a shame that I couldn't get the announcements done last night. I got the pictures done, which is good, but I ended up having to save the files to CD. I'll run them in to Insty Prints today. Kinko's wanted $0.70 per page for the paper, and Insty--only $0.10. So I am planning on having Insty Prints do the prints for me. It should cost just as much to do it at home.

Still, it's rather a pain, but onward and upward, right?

One of the blogs I read (So the Thing Is) has a post about being angry with a teacher for picking on her kid. Well, you know how the first few days of school go. Teachers have lots of children, and it's difficult to remember all those names (heck, I can only remember about 6 names of the knit group, and I've been going there for MONTHS!). Having the child to write their last name on their homework helps them to remember the child's name, face and how good they are at what they're doing. And I think, to give the child some slack, that the teacher is being a little too exacting--maybe trying too hard...maybe worried about funding...maybe trying to make an example and infer that she's not one to be trifled with--play by the rules type of teacher. These are all good things to teach a child so that they figure out early that they can't get away with breaking the rules later in life. I wanted to say all that to the mom, but thought--maybe not to stick my nose in this time--mother bears being what they are, naturally, the teacher is at fault....NOT MY CHILD. I can almost hear it now. Plus being moderated for my comment--if it's allowed to be posted at all. Not that mom is reactionary that way, and she would probably read my comment, consider it for a second or two, and then deny my IP access to her blog.

And so, I said nothing. So much for being devil's advocate. I've had "exacting" teachers like that before, and most of the time, they don't do that sort of thing to hurt your feelings, but it does teach you later in life to toe the line and do whatever needs to be done, to get yourself head and shoulders above the rest and not to follow the ones that have next to nothing to look forward to into the pit of unemployment and the government dole.

I mean, someone's got to pay my social security, right?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Busy Day!

I walked in to the office with a specific agenda, and the entire day has been a bust!
Between learning new job duties, a meeting, a lunch date, and work piled high on my desk--well, it's a wonder that I can still breathe. Oh, that reminds me...breathe.
So while I take a moment to take a relaxing stress-break, the phone rings, and before I know it, I have three lines lit up like a Christmas tree--all of them yammering for my attention!
I'm glad it's almost 2 pm--or I'd go crazy!

Tonight I have announcements to print up and knitting to catch up on. It's gonna be a rough night!

I'm home now, and the stress hasn't stopped. I'm short on card stock for the announcements, so I have to run back to town to get more. Then I goofed, and printed one announcement on photo paper before correcting the person's name--so had to re-do the photo copy. I'm hoping that the ink lasts through the rest of the announcements, as there are 14 for each announcement, and two people retiring. I only have 10 sheets, so I have to buy another 18. My hope is that Kinko's has it.

All the while, Rhiannon is staring me in the face, and there's a television show I want to watch tonight.

Can anything else go wrong?

What in the World?

What in the world is going on with the world these days? I ask, because I've been a little bit sequestered in the house for the weekend, and have absolutely no idea what's happening out there. Between working on Rhiannon, driving, grocery shopping, cleaning out the computer, taking care of the house, demoing at JoAnn's, taking care of husband and animals, helping husband study for tests and sleeping/eating/other small personal tasks--I haven't had the chance to even PEEK at the news.

I did however, find out that it's not going to rain I will perhaps take Rhiannon to work with me to deal with on lunch and breaks.

I also set up my blog so that I can email directly to my blog things that I want to say, and so now and then, you might see posts as I'm out on the road, breaking bad and taking care of business! That might be a pretty exciting thing--so stay tuned!

My husband is nagging me to take my shower, so I better get in there and get going or I'll be late for the office (again). I really need the chance to wake up in the morning, and I'm only on my first cup of java.

Be SWEET everybody, and stay out of trouble--but still try to have fun doing it. I know, I know...oxymoron is my middle name.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Well, the old eyes are starting to complain, so I stopped for a bit to rest my eyes from all the close work, but I did manage to get quite a bit done this afternoon. I have just 5 more right side rows and I will have the central panel done for the first repeat. This makes me happy for many reasons, most of which have to do with getting the project finished in the first place.

The Tarot is telling me that I should rest my eyes for a while, or I could have some serious problems--so you know I will rest my eyes. I'm thinking a little eye drops might soothe, they feel really dry to me.

It looks like Flickr is having some trouble...ah, there we go!


Sunday Morning? Again?

It's hard to believe that Sunday comes so fast on the weekends. Remember when you were a kid and summer just seemed to drag, and you were SO ready to go back to school to have something, finally, to do with yourself?


Well, I can attest that the weekends simply fly by and I almost never seem to have much to show for it.

The sample, however, is coming along nicely, and I'm probably half done with what I'm going to do for JoAnn's. I'll cut the yarn a bit longer, thread through the stitches, and then when I get it back, I'll finish the project. Hopefully, I will finish the project today and get back to rhiannon.

Progress pic:


Saturday, September 18, 2010


It's been a busy day today, and I've not had much time for knitting. The manager of JoAnn's wanted me to knit a sample for the store for the cable class, which I did start, but it has been so busy--and there was really no time for Rhiannon at all, except for one row, and I nearly messed that up because of all the interruptions.

Not that it's the customer's fault at all, just that the pattern is very intense and you really have to watch what you're doing...

So I knit on the sample, which took next to no thought at all. In fact, next to Rhiannon, I could practically knit this sample in my sleep! Very easy crosses and 3 rows of work even between every cable row.


And that's about all it is--the project is supposed to be a scarf, but I'm just going to make a sample or swatch. I need BADLY to get back on Rhiannon.

Project Completed

It's not pretty, but it's installed and working!


And today, the perfect test--a thunderstorm. I've set the backup to shut down my computer if the power goes out for longer than a minute. That give me time to

Well, what do you know!? Morning Already!

One of my favorite Bugs Bunny quotes--because it seems like morning comes so quickly around here!

Last night we got a phone call that an ex-relative has had a massive coronary, and so the relatives that are (or, more appropriately, "were") once related are rather in a tizzy, not knowing for sure what to do about it.

I'm guessing that the doctor's will probably do a bypass, depending on where the coronary happened--apparently, this one killed her quick, but the doctors were able to get her back. She's in critical condition, but I think they are considering her a candidate for coming back into the mainstream of life. Details are obviously sketchy for my end of the relation scale, since I'm an in-law twice removed (more or less) and therefore no longer "close family", but the "close family" that I *do* know about are really frantic to say the least.

So the alarm goes off at 6:30 this morning because I have things to do, places to go, people to see, appointments to keep--but the dog cried to me this morning to go outdoors--her pleading whine "I want out!" wouldn't let me sleep, so I got up and around. After bringing her back in, I was unable to sleep at all, so now, I'm drinking my cup of coffee and preparing for the day. I have much to do this morning.

I bought a UPS Battery Backup for my laptop, so that when the power twinkles (as it does nearly every day), my laptop will stay on, and then shut itself down. So I have to connect that up, AND I have to install software that will shut down my computer should the power go off for more than a couple of seconds.

Then, I have to run into the office. Firstly, to drop off a couple of pictures for some retirees to review. I have two that I really like, and one that I'm not really loving, but it's still nice. This just to get some feedback on appropriateness, then I have to pick up some heavier paper to print the announcements onto.

After this, I motor over to JoAnn's Fabrics at Frandor, coupons in hand, to buy out the store. I have LOTS AND LOTS of coupons, and my VIP discount card came in the mail yesterday. Okay, maybe not buy out the store, but there's a few things I would like to pick up. And then, the plan includes knitting on Rhiannon while I demo knitting. I've considered taking in a pair of socks, too, but with the deadline for Rhiannon staring me in the face, I think that working on it exclusively remains the order of the day. Still, I would like to be able to "get away" and knit on something pretty mindless.

About 1:00 pm, perhaps 2 my hope is to return home and relax and knit some more on Rhiannon. I didn't get any knitting in last night, even though I was up until 12am watching Letterman. It's no wonder that the night didn't seem to last long, but I *did* get in some really restful sleep.

Now, off to the UPS Battery Backup. This could take a while, and requires I shut down my laptop, which only happens (usually) during a thunderstorm or when the power twinkles.

Wish me luck!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Progress on Rhiannon


Ocean Waves Finished

Finally, with a lot of determination and "git er done", I finally managed to get Ocean Waves completed.

Here's hubby modeling my craft...

Hubby and the ocean

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tired Today

It's raining. It's cold. It's warm in bed. I'm too tired. I think my husband should go to work for me.

Worked half the night on the Ocean Waves Afghan (see right inset), and got half of the LAST SKEIN done before my eyes closed and I fell asleep with the crochet hook in my hand and the television blaring.

I figured I should take this poor, wretched body to the bedroom where I could make like a horizontal line with a speed bump, and catch some zzzz's.

Now, awake at 5:45, I am drinking coffee like there's no tomorrow in sight, and I suppose that's true, since it's raining pretty hard--maybe today won't happen, and I can go back to bed? Maybe today was canceled due to rain?

I really doubt it.

So my gear is ready, and I'm still drinking coffee, trying to shake the cobwebs out of my ears--another gulp of coffee, and I'm almost human.

I can't wait until break-time when I can work some more on the afghan. Perhaps I can get most of the last skein done at the office and finish it when I return home, then start Rhiannon. Funny how my whole life revolves around knitting and crochet.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gloves are Finished

And not a moment too soon! I'll wear them to work today, because it's durn chilly outdoors!!

I'll post a pic in a little bit, so check back--see, they are in the car, and hubby is sleeping, and I won't be able to take a picture of the gloves on my hands with one hand, you see? I need someone else to take the picture!

Gloves done

As if you didn't know.

So what is it that I need to know today?

Ace of Swords
6 of Wands Reversed
Page of Swords Reversed

It appears that I'm going to be in a really bad mood today, and someone at work may get the worst of it. Gosh, I sure hope not! Swords, at least in my readings, usually means strife, and Wands, work or the lack of success--so it means it's a lose/lose situation.

Darn. I was hoping for a happy Wednesday to finish my afghan!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gloves, et al...

Aren't they purty?

Check out my glove!
I just finished my middle finger, so this is a little "behind the times". Soon I will have the single glove done.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Blogger Designer

Well, how about that! Blogger has added an option so that you can add your own background to your blog--

I found some pretty roving, took a picture and uploaded it.

I like it!

On to more exciting things, however.

I spent some time today at the doctor's office, and told her about my ribbons--which she was tickled pink about--as am I, and she asked me what was next on the blog-o-sphere--

I've been working on the blog, so it's very likely that I won't get in a full skein of crochet on the afghan, so I figure there's no point in trying for it.

The gloves are dying on the needles. I have to undo what I did today, because it's not "right", and I'm not happy with it. So it's going to come off whether it wants to or not.

I will figure out these gloves, and they will look nice and they will WORK.

Then again, maybe they'll start looking like mittens?

Eagle Fair Days

The winner is..

I just wanted to let you know, and brag just a little bit, that my Blue Celtic Jumper and my Civil War Shawl both took First Place at the local fair. I got two blue ribbons and a little bit o' cash.

I'm thinking I might do something for county fair next year, and have the perfect project in mind.

But it's a secret!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I got a call last night asking if I could come in and teach a Knitting 101 on Sunday.

Of course!

I have just 3 skeins left of this acrylic yarn in green, blue and yellow for the Ocean Waves Afghan--I will be so glad to finish. It would appear that if I keep at it, I can finish a skein a day--that is if my tendinitis will allow it--which means I could finish this afghan in 3 days or less!

I'm hoping for the less. I'm tired of these big projects and having it take so long to see the end result--but soon, a picture for the blog, and it will be done and I can move on to another wip! YAY!

I also need to pick up my knitting at the local fair--so that I can see if I got a ribbon or what-not. Pics of ribbons are always allowed on my blog! So you'll be seeing those IF I earned any. I've been to busy to go to the fair to see if I did or not.

Lastly, those mittens I was going to do? Well, frogged twice, and now they want to be gloves instead--go figure! It's just that my handspun is saying "glove, glove, glove, glove" ever stitch I take--so I'll be taking stitches off to work the thumb and pinkie later, after class, most likely.

For now, must shower and prepare for class.

Oh, I bought some new yarn--very pretty--for gloves, mitts or even a hat--haven't really decided yet..

New yarn

And the progress on my handspun gloves:


Last night I listened to the police scanner for Chicago on my Blackberry--wow! There was a car accident. The guy pulled a gun, shot a cop, hijacked an old lady's car and took off. He's running, and probably a dead guy by now. I didn't hear that they'd caught up with the dude, but you know they always do when the dude shoots a cop. I don't suppose that was the best plan, you know?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

While Working on Mittens

Well, it would appear that I'm making mittens for someone else other than myself--they are simply too big for me. I suppose I could felt them--wet felting would give me a little more control over the process to some degree.

But I am to the point (almost) where I'll be adding the waste yarn for the thumb hole, and the mitt is just too big. The cuff is fine--I should have decreased some stitches, and I might just rip out (again, sigh) and decrease about 10-15 stitches around so that it will fit me.

I just can't tolerate mitts that are too big for me! So shoot me. I'm something of a perfectionist!

In the meanwhile, I'm hunting around for something different, and I found...

And just about lost my life to sucking in so much breath! What a beauty! And the shawl being offered for autumn is no less lovely--something along the lines of estonian--complete with nupps.


This one is in my future. I can see it in the cards, but wow. Okay, I didn't die, exactly, but that shawl is just gorgeous!

Speaking of shawls, I entered my Civil War Shawl into competition in the local fair. I also entered my Blue Celtic Jumper. I'm hoping for ribbons for both. I pick up on Sunday. I'm thinking I have a good chance of a couple blue ribbons. The ladies who took in my articles GASPED when they saw me with my entries. One of them took my shawl and put it around her shoulders since she was chilled. Clearly, it was loved! Too bad, hun. Not for sale!

But the sun is coming up, and I am going to demo at JoAnn's this morning. It's only a little after 6 am, but I want to get there and get out--back home to help hubby with the freezer downstairs--we're bringing it upstairs, and that means taking all the food out, sorting, thawing the freezer, carting up the hill (hubby and son will handle that--too heavy for me), and reinstalling everything in our garage. I'm not sure if that will be a good idea--but it's what's going to happen. I've also got a kitchen to clean, and only an hour to do it in, so I must get on the move.

Take a look at that link, though. If it doesn't take your breath away, I don't know what will.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Project and Preparing for the Colder Weather

So I'm betting you can't guess what's coming up..


Okay, I'd lose, right?

My California friend and I are working a KAL for some mittens. This is my own hand spun from some pencil roving I purchased at Threadbear. I was hoping that the blue would pop a little more than it does, but these will be a nice addition to those cooler days.

I'm thinking about making a pair of the style of mittens that have a flip-top, so that I have more control while driving--that is, after the steering wheel warms up.

Today is a half day at the office. I leave early to take my mother to the surgeon's office again. We are going to chatter with him once again about this issue, and hopefully he's not as rude this time as he was last time. We shall see.

Tonight I will work on the thumb gusset for the mittens. I expect these to take no more than a week to finish. Happy Autumn, everybody!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weave Me Wash Me, Done

Une fait accompli--loosely translated--done!

It was a pleasant, mindless knit for in between projects. I might make a pair of mittens now, as the weather is turning colder.


I'm Looking for Comments

I have been working on the blog for the last hour, and it's only 2:31 in the morning. I can't sleep, so decided that I would try a little bit on my blog.

I'm not appreciating the "quilting" background, and would FAR rather it was a knitting background, but I just can't seem to find anything that suits my fancy.

Although I did find something to use as a title bar--still, it's not really the "look" I was going for, and I might just change it for a plain, ordinary background. I'll look at it tomorrow and make some decisions...

But I thought that I would offer up the opportunity for my interested readership (I know you're out there!) to give me some feedback as to what they think would look cool--or if the existing stuff is pretty cool all by itself--(I do tend to be overly critical of my own crafty-ness.).

So give me a comment and let me know what you think. I appreciate it.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Blog Under Construction

Okay, folks, Blogger has offered some new Designs, and I'm trying them out. The posts will change now and then, but the right hand side of the blog hasn't changed....still it's hard to read, and I understand that--believe me, I'm working on it, and I'll get it fixed soon enough--so bear with me!

Weave Me...

Wash Me...



I think this is probably the prettiest cloth I've ever knit. I want to knit one in every color of the rainbow. I wonder when I'll stop?

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Bit Out of Sorts

Remember the post-completion blues? Yes, well, I've got them.

Additionally, I'm getting older, and things aren't working right.

Additionally, my husband and I just brought a bunch of crap up from the basement and it has to be gone through and either tossed or a place found for it. Until then, it's a mess in my already messy house.

And I have to go to work tomorrow.

On a good note, and the only good note to be found about tomorrow, is that I have knit group tomorrow night.

It's going to be a long day. I think I will knit my rows for the dishcloth and watch the telethon for MDA.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Center" Ground Zero

You know what they say..."Fooled once, shame on you...fooled twice, shame on me."

I'm opposed to this "center" proposed for near the ground zero site. I have my reasons, and many people think it's because I'm a Bible thumping reactionary.

Well, I'm not. I'm a "whack you idiot leftists with the book just mentioned" right-winger who doesn't believe in giving anybody a second shot at breaking my heart.

I don't suppose you watched those towers fall the way that I watched those towers fall.

I don't suppose you watched the horrifying videos of people jumping to their deaths (and making no small racket when they smacked headlong into the pavement).

I don't suppose you realize that the truly "nice muslims" over here want to do this to show "tolerance" between religions and credos.

Uh, right.

Does it dawn on you that you may have no idea what the real idea is behind all the "peace and prosperity and tolerance"? My opinion is that you can never know what's on the mind of another person--you cannot know that they really might have ulterior motives.

Normally, I am not a paranoid person. However, my second husband taught me this truth--some people will bald-faced lie to you, and you will not know the difference until it's too darn late for you. Another person will lie to you, if they think they can get away with it. Coat it with lots of what they think your ears want to hear, and SURE ENOUGH--that lie will lambaste you with a vengeance. Anything that sounds "too good to be true" usually is, and this is the gut feeling I get with this "center".

True, gut feelings are just that...sometimes you're right, sometimes you're wrong, but in this case, can we really afford to be wrong about what message is being sent to the extremists "over there"? Do we really want them dancing in the street in victory? Because you know that's how they will see it--

A "We planted our flag on their hallowed ground, and now we OWN them." sort of matter how sugar-coated and palatable the idea is made to our citizenry.

And enough with the Ted Kazinski/Federal Building in Oklahoma.

Murder is MURDER.

An extremist sees it as a means to an end, and acceptable, if his ultimate goal is achieved--collateral damage. A rational person sees it as MURDER, DETESTABLE AND TO BE AVOIDED.

It's not a good idea. Ground zero is, and should always remain, a place in our country that is considered SACRED. The place where so many lost their lives in an instant of murder, many of which all the parts were never found.

Oh, yes, by all means, plant a Muslim victory flag on our sacred hill.

I'm ashamed that there are Americans who don't honor our precepts anymore--who cry out "Me me me! You owe me!" And aren't willing to pay the price. Ashamed, I tell you.

New Beginnings....

What shall I do next?

I suppose I could work some more on the Santa Fe Rug. I'm stalled on it because the pattern simply isn't written well. Especially going around the central section. Around and around and it's


But I don't like how it looks. The floor won't care, the feet won't care, but the eyes-they care.

I suppose I could finish off the bright green Ocean Waves Afghan. It's long enough to cover me now, and would be plenty long enough for a kid to sit under. I'm thinking of giving it away for Christmas. I can use the extra for making a clown amigurimi.

I hate this feeling. Every time I finish a project, I feel a little sadness that it's over, and it makes it difficult to continue with something new.

I did begin a dishcloth, worked as a KAL with a friend in California, but that's enough to keep me busy for an hour perhaps. I did begin the Swirl Scarf, but that's a knit that I have to work on in bits and pieces, so I don't lose my mind. I just downloaded another pattern for a shrug-like pattern, but it's for size 10-12, which I'm not, and I'm not really up to all the adjustments I'll have to make in order to make that.

So, I think I'll just go finish up Ocean Waves Afghan and put it in the Christmas drawer and put the extra yarn away. Maybe I'll do a quilting project next?

The possibilities are just too endless.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nurse Kitty...

Finished...and ready for an evening out!


Nurse Kitty...

Latest photo:


Too cute for words.

Who Left the Freezer Door Open Last Night?

The alarm jangled my nerves this morning. How RUDE!

It's now 6:45am. It's Saturday. The dog wants out and fed. She's licking me to death. Guess I had best put her out to do her business.

I open the door for her, because if nothing else, I am a gentlewoman. I open the door for the dog and she scoots out between my legs, nearly knocking me over, then waits impatiently at the second door to be connected to her chain--okay, perhaps not so patiently, as she jumps on the second door a time or two.

I put her chain onto her collar, and open then door, and BLAM!

Did somebody say "Artic Freezer"?

Holy Cow! Frostbite on my toes! I surely wasn't expecting THAT! But I will share with you that last night's sleeping was truly sleeping. I don't think I woke up once because I was so comfortable all night long. I suppose I should have been expecting this. I've been saying all summer that it was going to be an early winter.

And here it is already!

The trees are turning color and literally falling off the trees at an alarming rate. It's become so cold, so fast, that I'm considering getting out my new sweater to wear to JoAnn's today. Brrr.

The only thing missing is the frost on the ground (or that four letter word that I refuse to whisper, lest I jinx the whole world WAY TO SOON.

Yes, folks, it's darndable cold in them there hills. After all the heat and sweat from the last couple of weeks, today is pretty brisk. Good jogging weather. Refreshing, even!

I'm crawling back into bed next to my husband. I hope I can get warm again!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Nurse Kitty...

The saga continues...

Tonight, I worked on the arms (legs? paws?) and got those sewn on.

I also worked the hat, sewed it together wrong, and when I couldn't figure out how to take it back apart, I redid it.

The pattern doesn't tell me if I am supposed to sew it on, so I have written to the designer for that.

Now need black and pink felt--both of which I believe I have already, but OH GOSH! Where might it be? Probably in my sewing room, where I can't even get inside because step-son has barricaded the door. So I will have to shell out about $0.38 for a sheet, and another $0.30 for a skein of black embroidery floss for the eyes, nose and whiskers.

I believe that is all there is to her. From there, the plan is to work a KAL Dishcloth that I found on Ravelry--something simple that I can do 10 rows a night with my friend in California, Mary. She's finally back from her vacation, and am I ever glad! I've missed being able to chat with her on Yahoo.

Beyond that, I will be demo-ing at JoAnn's in Frandor Saturday morning, then a class-Knitting 101 from 6-9pm. I'm not entirely sure what I'll be doing for the several hours in between, but I'm sure I will think of something. Especially since I got another 40% off coupon in my email, which I'll likely use for a cone of kitchen cotton. Nurse Kitty will likely accompany me to JoAnn's for finishing (especially if I get a response on my query to the designer). I may opt to take in Rhiannon for knitting and my Santa Fe Rug for Crochet.

Sigh. Lots to do and lots of planning to go with it. Wish me luck in my class!

Tired of Wires?

Are you tired of having to lug a dozen different connectors so you can plug in your phone, bluetooth, gps, and other devices to the usb slot on your computer, car lighter adapter or the wall?

Take a trip to Radio Shack and see what they can do for you! They might be able to make you one universal wire to deal with all your wire issues--one wire to take with you where ever you go.

They are capable of grafting all of those adapters to one wire.

Granted--you can only utilize one device at a time, because two devices cannot use the same wire at the same time, but you'll never have to hunt for that elusive connector again.

The wire will end up looking a little like a cat 'o nine tails, but it's worth it to not have to deal with all the extra wiring all over your desk.

Radio Shack will know all the ins and outs about what will work with what and what might not, based on resistance and tolerances--stuff us lay-folks would prefer to NOT know.

So check out your local Radio Shack today!

Nurse Kitty...

Well, yes, A head, ears and a bow...after that I was just too tired. She needs arms and a face, I think that's all


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Project...

Nurse Kitty--a Christmas Present for my Sister in Law...who is a nurse...who rescues cats and who loves Hello, Kitty. Pattern is pretty easy, and lends itself to all sorts of "Hello, Kitty" derivatives.

Santa Fe Rug tomorrow, after I find the poly fibrefil for the body for "Kitty". Will post progress tomorrow.