Wednesday, July 20, 2011

35 Years and Counting

Saturday is my 35 high school reunion.

Keep in mind that I've not been to any of the high school reunions, mostly because I wasn't so close to anyone, except for a select few. Everyone was out to get the best education they could so that they could survive in the jungle "out there". Most of us made it, with few exceptions.

And Saturady is my 35th.

It's surprising, since I'm only 39...the math doesn't quite add up anymore, does it?

Anyway, last night there was a planning committee meeting, and a friend of mine from High School and I decided to go to see what was up about all the hullaballoo. She offered several days of her hands and heart to help with preparations, and I offered up my Saturday and my tarot reading as entertainment.

There will also be a old-timey rock n roll band to play some of our favorites. The whole thing is being held on the Mint farm in St. Johns, and it looks like it will be quite a "do". I had planned to forget about ever going to any of my high school reunions, remembering high school as being very clique driven without a way to become a part of ANY of them, simply because I was "different" than most.

I'm still different, but the others have figured out that the world is a pretty tough place to be--and so they have toned down the "little circle of friends" stuff and reached out to some of us that were initially on the periphery of society.

I call it the jungle--the great equalizer. You find out who has it and who hasn't--the ability to succeed and survive in the wild. High school doesn't prepare you completely, and quite honestly, neither does college, but it does a better job of it than high school.

In any case, I'm going this year, after 35 years of pretty much silence. And I'm going in as a fortune teller--and if things go well tonight, I might just go pro with it, hang out my shingle and let the word out that this gal has a fine link to thing paranormal. Who knew?

And even tho my friend Carol is having some home-sickness and worry about her adopted Indian father's upcoming surgery, I think that she's pretty excited about the prospect as well.

At the end of the meeting, things  settled down and I pulled out my office cards and read one of the classmates coming future. There was a real warning and threat in the cards, and I hope that she listened. If not, well...that's her business. But the plan is to dress up and make up like a gypsy and have my crystal ball and candles (must buy those...remember) and to have at least 2 sets of decks--my Celtic Circle and my Psychic Tarot cards. One or the other will speak to me clearly that night. The psychic tarot is pretty HOT the last couple of days. I think it desires to be the one chosen, but I read the Celtic Circle so much better. So I'll take both, and see which works the best for the group.

So you won't hear from me until Sunday and I'll tell you all about it.

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