Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Memories Just Keep on Coming!

People started arriving to the 35th reunion at about 6 last night. I sat in a chair up by the barn, and watched a certain gentleman walk in--pretty sure of himself, and sit at the far end of the himself...facing me, though not really looking at me. We'll leave his name a secret for the moment--and probably for all time

We decided at the planning meeting for the 35th reunion that I would do some Tarot readings for people who wanted one. What can I say? I have good ideas now and then. Everyone there thought it was a great idea. And it's not like I have ever done that sort of thing--reading for lots of people at a party, but I figured I could handle it.

I pegged the guy across the lawn as a confident, single male, probably a womanizer, and never at a loss to have someone, and nearly anyone of his own choosing, in his bed. He appeared to me to be predatory--almost like a hawk, sitting there, watching his prey come to the party.

I waited about an hour before I started reading, and I read until the sun went down, which was about 3 hours later. I was exhausted, and my hands were sticky, which made the cards sticky and difficult to shuffle. There were long readings and short readings. Some people were very surprised at what the cards seemed to tell me. And then the confident fellow came to sit across from me to have his reading.

This surprised me, in the first place, because I can spot this type of man from a million miles away. I pulled

Ace of Swords, Knight of Wands, 4 of pents.

And I just said Hmpf. To which he replied, "I only have 6 months to live, right?" Which made me laugh. I saw a separation (Ace), and a lonely man, who was now very materialistic and on the prowl--not for money--but for flesh...but instead of telling him what the cards said, as I got to "separation", he started in.

"My wife left me for another man, and took my son and moved to Australia."

While it COULD be true, my inital thought was "this dude is lying to me--not only has he no son, he has never been successfully married" I lied right back, but kept it to myself.

I said "You know, the children do come back--wait until he's older and wants to know his father, and then send $$ for a ticket to come see you." And that's what I see in the cards. Even though that's not what I saw in the cards, there was no point in telling this guy anything anywhere near the truth, because he was just going to blow it off anyway.

But instead, I saw him, recently separated from a recent conquest, and hunting for another notch on his "gun". Sad, but true. Most people's readings were normal, though. There were some who were laughing, and some who left concerned about what was perhaps coming, or who might be affected for good or ill. Mostly, I did 3 card readings, telling a story with the cards. Sometimes, the cards seemed to want to do past, present future, and and other times, wished to be read in sequence. They gave me lots of practice, and lots of testing--but they only didn't make sense on one reading. One reading was for a woman, happily married, and I definitely saw a rivalry between her and another woman. I let her know that she had the upper hand, and that it most likely wasn't that he was "fooling around" with HER, but quite the opposite, and trying to create a problem--I told her to watch out for that woman, but to remember that her husband loves HER, and not this other person, and that eventually all would be well, but still cautioned that it's a good idea to know who your friends are, and that you have to watch out for the women who intend to do you harm.

Eventually, it got too dark to really read, and I had to depend on the pictures to tell me what the card was--some were recognizable in even semi darkness, others were completely unfamiliar, and we had to use the light from people's cell phones to see what the cards were.

Beyond the reading table, there was merriment and music and chatter.

Then they brought out the picture show on dvd, and all the neat pics of people we grew up and went to school with--there on the screen. Some had already died, but most of them were still around and there to say "Oh my gawd, THERE'S BILL!" or "Who's that?"

The party was a smash hit. Linnette's mojito mix went over really well, and before we knew it, the mix was gone, gone, gone. That's when the party really started to rock, too. The band played for quite a long while, and just before I left, they were playing a twist, and I just had to get into the mix. Before I knew it, one of the men in the circle grabs my hand and pulls me out to dance in the center of the circle, and I blew out all the stops and went a little bit crazy in the barn. It was fun, but it SURELY winded me!

Not used to that level of exertion.

After this, I retrieved my cd's from Linnette's cd player, said my "goodbyes" and "see you in 5 years", and went to my car and packed up and left. It was just a little before midnight, and I thought--"Ah, time to turn into a pumpkin!" as I started the car and left the party grounds.

All in all, a success. Thanks to all the planners and to Linnette for allowing us to use her barn for the party. It was a great time, and everyone was really glad they came. And this being my first ever reunion, I had a lot of fun too. Now, I wish I'd gone to all the parties, but I think of all the parties, from what I heard other people saying, "This was the best one of them all."

I have a hunch that it's going to happen again. I just wish I didn't have to wait for 5 years.

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