Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Red Head Does It Again!

I went to the office today, and two people commented on my hair color.

"Did you do something with your hair?"

Hmm...maybe I'm a little too much a wallflower?

The day went by pretty much without incident. I came home with my makeup dripping into my eyes--burning, burning. So I washed off all of that. I sort of wish I'd purchased some astringent--to get the excess off that the soap couldn't get to--but maybe tomorrow.

I did buy some new makeup. The stuff I had was pretty old, and they say you should replace your makeup every six months--especially the mascara. Well, I didn't have any mascara to throw away, so I bought some new, and a new blush and a different lipstick, which really doesn't show up on me at all--in fact, it sort of tones down my lips--lightening them, which might be okay. I haven't really had the chance to see what it all looks like "together", and won't until tomorrow. A pic of the "new me" tomorrow morning, if anyone cares to look.

I'm working on a new circular shawl, and I'm into about row 20. It's still not big enough to have on my 24" needles, so I'm thinking about transferring it to some plastic needles tonight to work on it, and then when it's big enough, I'll put it back on the bigger needle. Of course, when it's HUGE, I'll have to move it again.

I'm working it in a magenta alpaca/silk, and the result is quite nice. I figure I'll have lots of that left over to make another shawl of some other type. I was thinking "EvenStar" on Ravelry. Not enough of the shawl to put a pic on here yet. I want to wait until it's a bit bigger.

Well, off I go to prepare myself something to eat, take my evening medication, maybe watch a little bit of television and find some size 4 knitting needles to work on this shawl. I can hardly wait to start!

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