Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dinner Time

I believe...
That it is simply too hot to eat.

Well, perhaps eating isn't what the problem is--but rather "preparation". Who wants to stand over the top of a hot stove in this weather (or even a hot grill)? Certainly not me!

So I am in my air conditioned room, while the oven heats up. I have the fish sticks on the pan ready to go in the second the oven "dings" that it's at 425 degrees (not much more than the weather outdoors) and then I will return to the kitchen to drop the sticks into the oven, then back into the bedroom to breathe again.

My hair is in a little ponytail in the back and my bangs are held off my face with a semi-circular thing made of plastic that I don't remember the name of. It's not a barrette, but a...a..

Do you see what this heat has done to my brain?

Hubby and I took a little ride in the car for no reason at all today, after sweating ourselves silly outside with the "flower garden" he's been saying all spring that he was going to do--but apparently, it took too much "work", and he ended up with a shiny pate (even though he does still have hair there), and dripping sweat. He ran inside for a moment, and when he returned outdoors, I offered a ride in the car, and he went for it in a heartbeat. The connection between car and air conditioned ride to do nothing at all was not lost on him.

And when we returned, we stopped at Quality Dairy and had ice cream cones.

Can you say Yum?

But before long, after the ice cream cone, I fell asleep (in the air conditioned room, of course). And the day passed without me. It's almost 6pm, now, and I've really not done a thing all weekend. Except knit on my socks and feed my animals. After all that, I've been pretty much incognito in the bedroom, asking my husband "Shall we watch tv in the air conditioned room or not?"

We need to bring soil in for the garden--not that anything has been accomplished, mind you, but the hill has to be "somewhat" level to do these retaining wall stacking stone thingies--do they have a real name?? Maybe it's like my plastic "head band" thingie on my head.

A brain is a terrible thing when it's wasted.

Well, I think I'm going to check the weather, check the temp on the oven, turn on the tube and sit down in the air conditioned room and do some more knitting. If I have nothing more strenuous appear on the horizon, I expect that's where you'll find me all evening.

I hope your afternoon/evening is similarly lazy.

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