Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Innocent of all the homicide charges. Guilty of lying to the police.

Did any of these people on the jury even listen during the trial?

I can't believe what the world is coming to. I just can't believe it. The whole world has gone nuts. I will admit that leaving the body so long to decompose made it harder to prove it was homicide, but the prosecution was right--there's no reason to mock up a murder if it's just an accident! I mean, you mock up an accident FOR A MURDER.

It must be there was no air conditioning in the hotel that the jurors stayed in, because there seems to be not a single brain cell amongst them. Had the cops come and found the body SOONER, as in when Kronk first called them, then MAYBE they could have proven (or disproven), because the decomposition wouldn't have been so advanced...perhaps they would have found pool water in the lungs, which would prove her innocence--but THIS!

It's a travesty. There was no justice for Caylee today. One day, she will get her voice and the perp will go straight to hell and not collect $200. Never mind JAIL.

I think I'm angry enough to spit, but I'll wait until I'm away from my computer monitor. Right now, must think of something to eat. Too hot to cook, so I'm thinking a sandwich would hit the spot right about now. I also need to put my hair up off my neck because I'm roasting...get it? Spit? Roasting? Nevermind.

Cards today are (and of course, probably relate to the trial since it's all I could think of today)...

3 of swords (reversed)
3 of Wands
5 of swords

There was not a lot of disagreement in the jury. They based their decision on the foundation of the case--that they couldn't prove it was murder, and so the prosecution lost.

I guess the picture of the duct tape over the mouth and nose wasn't enough. Sad. It's just so sad.

In other news, the ginger cat hasn't been around for a little over a day and a half, so I wonder if he's moved on, or perhaps found a home. That would be nice. He is a nice cat. We'll see if he turns up again tonight. It's REALLY hot outdoors--thank goodness for the inside of the house, and the A/C in the bedroom. I'm going to close the windows, turn on the A/C and leave, make my sandwich, and return, watch NCIS on my little television, and maybe order up Direct tv tonight.

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