Friday, July 8, 2011

Book Review-The Sociopath Next Door

I downloaded this book to my Nook, and read it in 2 days--all 199 pages of it. I saw a fair number of people both in my life currently, and in my past--which frightened me, quite a bit.

There has been something in my life, my very personality, that draws these people to me, and that frightens me even more.

And the "condition" of sociopathy is, at least to me, far more prevalent than the 4% of the population that the book seems to indicate--the idea that the percentage is growing is also frightening.

We all need to watch out for these "charmers" who lie in wait, because they are not always "killers" or "theives", and they do not look like the strangers that our parent's warn us about when we're kids. Many of them come wrapped up in very pretty packages, and if you could apply the phrase "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is" to a person, TAKE HEED and LISTEN TO YOUR GUT! It's probably telling you that there truly is something wrong with that person, but you won't be able to lay your finger on it until they have left your life in shambles, if not outright murdered you. Those who escape the clutches of the sociopath breathe HEAVY sighs of relief when they are gone.

As I said, there are enough of these people in the world now, preying on the "helpers" and "fixers" (which many women are prone to) that I believe the percentage to be FAR HIGHER than the book indicates.

Also watch for the ones who blame their circumstance on everyone but themselves, and look at you as if to say "poor me". BEWARE the one you feel "sorry for", when in fact, if they just got up off their collective and DID something, they could far better their own lives. BEWARE the empty eyes and soul-lessness, the risky business dealings, with life and limb--FOR GOLLY'S SAKE! OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE THEM FOR WHAT THEY ARE.

God help us all should one make it to the White House...READ THIS BOOK. It is a valuable piece of information that will literally take the blinders off and allow you to point them out WHEREVER you might be. In fact, I plan to read it again in a month or so, once I shake this feeling that I narrowly escaped something years back, when I was too young to figure it out--and all I had was my intuition. The book is a MUST READ for anyone considering marriage during the pre-marriage therapy. Trust me, it can't hurt, and might save your life.

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