Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Hampshire Girl-Celine

Okay, so this girl has been missing since Monday. The FBI is involved. I drew:

9 of Swords reversed
4 of Cups reversed
The High Priest Reversed

My thought is that the girl is dead. The parents are saying that she was on the computer in her room preparing for bed. That alone has me concerned. What parent allows an 11 year old girl on the computer at 9 pm when the pedophiles come out?

My feeling is that it was someone she thought she knew, and it's someone that she thought she could trust. The 9 of swords indicate to me that she can see a wooden lattice, like what people put up under their porches to hide what's under the porch. That's where she's buried. The 4 of cups tells me he's a pedophile and that he took her virginity (rape) before he killed and buried her where ever this lattice is at. It could also indicate there's a water spicket, as all the cups are turned upside down--for the hose you see.

He has been in trouble with the law (2 of swords), and he believes that he was wrongly and falsely accused. He maintains his innocence, even as he's registering for the sex offender registry. She is bound below the earth. Jeez, this is ugly!!! There may be a vine, or a rosebush or just a dead bunch of branches on the lattice. From the 5 of pents, although I see pink and yellow, which may indicate roses...climbing roses.

A young man will find where she is buried. (Page of Discs). It will make him very, very sad, or the young man may know where she is, and not be telling anyone, and be very intimidated...but I strongly feel that there is a young man involved somehow. She can also see flowers like black eyed susans.

I keep asking when will they find her, I keep pulling cards that tell me different things...The 5 of pents might also be the $$ put up by the individual person, as I know there is a reward.

I asked again, when will they find her, and drew the 7 of cups (Delusion) reversed. Tell me this isn't another Caylee Anthony--although the cards are different. Everything reversed. Delusion, with cups that aren't really there. This guy is truly guilty of the crimes he's committed, and truly delusional, but appears rational and normal on the outside. The High Priest reversed might indicate someone from church, who is generally well thought of, and fairly good with children, and easily gains their trust. I understand it's a small community. This is a person who is actually viewed by the community as a person who is god-fearing--but he is nothing of the sort.

She has a middle eastern look to her, and at first, I thought perhaps that she might be adopted...don't ask where that one came from--I don't see it in the cards. It was just something that "came" to me. That she is special somehow.

Anyway, that's all I want to "see" for right now. Saved for future reference to see how this all plays out.

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