Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Down to There, HAIR!

I don't usually cause men to drop down before me, and I'm no beauty by anyone's standards, especially my own--but I finally decided to do something with my hair.

I thought a long time about what I should do. Hair cut. Perm. Color. Okay, all of that would be good, but the budget is limited, so I opted for one out of three.

Oh, I think I could have done better than that...but I didn't and that's all she wrote about the matter.

It must not have made too much of an impact. No one at the office even noticed that I'd colored my hair--let alone that I wore it slightly differently this morning when I finally arrived. I didn't say a thing to anyone. They didn't even look at me. I was really surprised, because it's such a CHANGE!

It's pretty, um
Which I was going for auburn, but thought with my dark brown hair, I would have some reddish highlights and that would be it. Instead, the grey must be overpowering my dark brown, because I turned out more...um...did I say it before? Red.

I remind myself of a girl named Mari in High School. And just a little grey left at the temples--perfectly appropriate...except it's...um...Red.

Not that I don't like red. It just makes me look like I've got an army of zits on my entire face. Now I have to wear makeup to even out the skin tones. And my lips--shoot--where did the color in my face go? And look at that chin, would you!? Don't you dare say "which one"?

I think it's a good color, but I have to figure out what to do with it now. It needs body like my body needs LESS body. (Way less--haha--pun!)

I'll have to go to the beauty parlor and find out what to use on my face in this steamy weather so that the makeup doesn't end up all in a puddle around the soles of my shoes to the point where I leave little makeup footprints all over the office. I have what they call "combination skin". This is just another phrase for "get out the plastic honey--you're gonna need it to fix this!"

But my hair is past my shoulders in back, and I think it looks good. Especially when it's clean. I'm hoping to let my hair grow long again, which means regular trimming. And if I want it to all be one color, I'll have to color it regularly. With one box, I can dye it now. Any too much longer, and it might take two boxes. I suppose I could color my hair purple.

Do you think people at the office would notice PURPLE?

How does bright lime green grab you?

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