Sunday, July 24, 2011

Where'd That Bathing Suit Go?

Boy-o this week has been a scorcher. Weather man says that we have a cold front coming that will drop temps into the 70's.

But I cannot find my bathing suit...and boy, if I could find that puppy, it would be on my body, and I'd be walking around the house and scaring myself every time I passed a mirror.

I think I have said "Hot" in a previous post, but you know what? It isn't hot. It's RIDICULOUSLY HOT.

Hubby and I drove to the store to get groceries and have some breakfast, and when we got home, our electric was off. No fans, no A/C NOTHING. So we both stripped (look away my friend before your eyes burn out) and went to sleep after calling the electric company to report the outage. Somewhere in the middle of the "afternoon delight" the electric came on, so we slept just a little longer.

I forgot to bring my chairs home from the reunion party, but it's okay. My girlfriend has them, I guess. I'll get them back another day.

In the meanwhile, I'm going to do everything I can to keep cool and dry. Especially after yesterday--just to let you know...when I got home after the party, the outfit I was wearing wouldn't come off--it was literally stuck to my body SO TIGHTLY that it wouldn't be removed.

But I did finally wriggle out and was able to go to sleep without it. Ahhhh...some days it's wonderful, just to get naked. Again, you should prolly not think about me in those images...scar you for LIFE I tell you.

Well, enough for now. Heading back to my web-surfing habit. See you next time.

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