Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Week is a LONG Time to Wait

I'm going to sort of free-wheel on this post, because I'm so hot. And because I'm so hot. Did I say I was HOT? Well, if I didn' it comes...wait for it....I'm totally hot. I'm so hot that the air conditioner wolf-whistles at me. I'm so hot, that you don't even have to turn on the stove, you could cook an egg on my forehead.

I'm so hot, that I beat up Satan and took over residence in hell for a while...just to stay cool!

With temps in the 90's nearly all week, and heat indices in the 100's, and humidity at 50% or better, we are ALL sweating between our toes. Goodness gracious alive, Miss Anderson! It's so hot, that Satan decided to vacation in Alaska this year!

I'm stuck in my bedroom with our "one room" air conditioner, smelling the grand hume (liquid fertilizer from the cow farm down the road) that was just laid down in the hot hot hot...(again, did you hear me say hot?) soil. Poor plants are gonna burn up in all that nitrogen.

And as I said in an earlier post, this weekend is my High School 35th Reunion. YAYAYAYAYAY!

Can't wait, and I've been waiting a this hot, hot...(oh, get over it) air. It's so hot that the breeze is just sayin' "No freaking way!" And blowing hot air around is almost funny--that is, if it wasn't so ding dong hot.

Guess I can't say it enough....although I'm sure you wish I would.

I did however, pull a water card this evening from my tarot deck. Which tells me that there will be rain tonight (hope hope hope) least SOMEWHERE it will rain tonight. Coming home, there were some promising clouds, but they blew away in this (you guessed right) hot dry air.

Knock knock Oh, I think my husband has come home! Scurry to the door....Yes, I'm right! And you know what? That's right. He's HOT too!

We are all hot. Hotter, with the weather. Hoping for rain. Look for me this weekend at my High School reunion. Why does everyone keep saying I'm old?

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