Monday, July 11, 2011

Queen of Swords

Okay, I've drawn a random card. How funny and strange that I draw this card so often! I generally call this card my significator, because she is *so* like me. The Queen of Swords is tough as steel, and not easy to get along with. She's forthright and for the most part honest, and doesn't like to take other people's crap. She's a "cut through the mustard" sort, and while she has friends, she trusts herself above all others, and doesn't usually ask for help, even when she might need it. She stands straight and tall, walking quickly through the wildflowers, her sword at the ready should she befall any sort of trouble. She's capable and thinks of herself as youthful (no matter how old she is). Her judgment is swift. Her punishment is true and never misses.

She also stands for imagination. The Queen of Swords is a constant "thinker", always imagining new things. Sometimes, her imagination gets a little ahead, but for the most part, her imaginings are spot on.

And she's thinking about...

I drew the Empress (reversed). So she's not imagining anything about this "other woman", but rather imagining what she stands for--that being...hmm...dunno. I was told recently that a friend of mine, who has a daughter, who has also had a daughter, and wondering what all of that another card...

Lots of people in this draw today...The Knight of Wands. This is the guy full of adventure and fire. No idea what he might stand for, but I could guess he might be the father of the grandbaby. The father of the grandbaby is faithless and only looking out for himself. He cannot be trusted nor can he be depended upon...which means that my friend's daughter was likely abandoned by this man, whoever he might be.

See my imagination working, here?

Next Card is the Lord (Emperor), reversed--and the Emperor doesn't like it when he's reversed. So he's not happy with all the goings on. This might be the girl's father or even a surrogate father--my friend's latest boyfriend/relationship or even my own ex (who is also her ex).

My goodness. It would almost appear to be a soap opera going on, but I doubt it...even so, my imagination runs wild, as you might well guess.

Lastly, I ask if I'll be able to see my friend in August, and I pull the Knight of Cups. This is, I would wager, her boyfriend who will either suggest that we meet, or will stand in the way in an effort to protect my friend's feelings, perhaps? Since cups deal with emotions, I think he'll be all for it--if only to find out what sort of person he's dealing with.

The whole emphasis of this having to do with choices, and not making the right ones. Perhaps it's not a good idea that I meet with my friend; that the Emperor will be even less happy about it. Quite honestly, as the Queen of Swords, I don't care. People have been told that should something questionable happen to me, that my ex is the first person of interest in the case.

So there you have it. Connections between me and a bunch of other people, our lives intertwined with karmic like threads, which are soon to be revealed. We will see what occurs.

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