Saturday, July 2, 2011

Too Warm!

It's only July 1, and I'm already complaining about the heat.

I took a shower this morning, but by noon, my deodorant not only FAILED, but I had to take another shower so that my husband could be in the same room with me and reapply the deodorant, which by evening had failed again.

I guess I need a new deodorant--or maybe a new husband--nah. The former is DEFINITELY a cheaper alternative.

I did run out of the house, take refuge in my car for about an hour and drove to town with the idea of getting something to eat. Instead, I came back with chips and dip and a few other items, plus a laundry hamper. We've been trying to watch television all day--which reminds me, we did obtain a new television yesterday, and it works no better than our first one did. Can't tune in any local stations, and I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and buy Direct TV again. HATE that option--it is SO expensive. But right now, I am in my bedroom, in the dark, with only the computer screen keeping me awake, and the air conditioner is on full-blast, keeping the dog cool, but not yet doing much to keep ME cool. Give it time, I tell myself. It's only been 5 minutes. It has to draw all the moisture out of your hot little fingers!

It's true. My hands are so sticky that it's difficult to type, and I want to stop, head to the bathroom and wash my hands. Okay, so perhaps I will do that---when hell freezes over. There is just no way I'm leaving this room except on an emergency. Oops. I just thought of one. Dang. I can't win this can I?

Okay, two hours later, I return to the computer. I spent a little time in the living room with my hubby watching 48 Hours Mystery, and I'm back in the room that is much cooler now. Ahhhhhh.

Oh! Tweet!

Sigh, just more on the Casey Anthony trial. I guess tomorrow hubby and I are going to his mother's to mow the lawn. I will stay in the house and knit, help with supper, and try hard to stay cool. I might watch some of the Casey Anthony trial, too--you never know.

I'm going to miss having my kitty, Chat, laying on my chest tonight. He won't come in the room with the a/c on, and the door has to be kept closed, so unless he's in here when we turn it on, he doesn't come inside. I'll miss him terribly. I really love how much that cat loves me.

Well, I suppose that I will leave the cool room and go back...oh, just shoot me. I really think that all I want to do is go to sleep in here. Maybe I'll go into the other room long enough to get the tv controller and come back to the bedroom to watch some television? Oh, that sounds like a spectacular idea! Maybe I'll get something of a cool drink as well?

I think I have a plan formulating. Time to put it into action.

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