Sunday, July 3, 2011

What Should I Do...?

I received a check in the mail today, and asked "What should I do with this money?"

I drew 3 cards, all reversed:

Queen of Swords
The Wheel
Queen of Wands

I am not entirely sure what this means.

Usually, I use the Queen of Swords as my own significator, but the reversed orientation of all the cards puts a very odd spin on things. I read this that I could keep the money and spend it on myself, OR I could give it to another, but the person likely wouldn't appreciate it. The Queen of Wands is a fire card, and the woman on the face has bright red hair. I have no friends with red hair, (although I DID have a friend who colored her hair red, but recently changed it back) and therefore it might mean another woman with a fiery spirit.

Or it could mean to spend it on something that speaks to me of both air and fire, or it could be telling me that I'm really completely undecided about which way I should go at present, in which case, I should probably just put it in the bank and hang onto it should something happen with my car.

The other thing I could do is spend it on something fun with my husband. We have an anniversary coming, but I haven't any clue what to do. He's very difficult to get things for. Last year, I bought him socks. This year I got him underwear for his birthday. He seems to appreciate those things a lot more than something that he doesn't really need.

So I'll have to hope for the answer to come in the next few days.

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