Sunday, January 4, 2009

Today's Draw

Call it what you will, but this looks like a continuation of, not yesterday's cards, but the day before when I was offered a wish....It's almost as if I'm being asked to choose between an active life (which requires an active body), or an abundance--money?????????? HO! Can certainly use money...

Imagine that--the cards are irritated with me for not actually making a wish! Although the Addi Clicks were a wish from long ago...maybe the cards didn't mean that was the sort of wish (in other words, too shortsighted) the cards were looking for in my instance...frankly, I could use both! I don't WANNA choose. I want both--health and money. You can't have one without the I right?

If I had an unending supply of money I would pay off my bills, including the house, and would buy a new car for me, my husband and my son (in that order, but I don't suppose it matters much, does it?). Then I would buy my mother a new house. Then I would sell this house and move to another town where I can have more property--with a smaller house, and build a house next door for my mom to live in, and then probably my mother in law....but I can't move far, because I don't want to be far away from my spin group...can't forget them.

Oh let's see...I've always wanted to do something for the local adoption agency, too....for instance a financial grant for kids to go to camp--someone who excels at music or singing--to go to Interlochen--sigh...I always wanted to go to choir camp when I was a kid.

I would buy myself a new laptop. I think I might someday format the drive on this one--it's getting really slow and sloppy--probably because I keep putting so many pictures on it...but there you go.

Still--there's something to be said for being able to maintain an active keeps the mind alert, and no amount of money can buy an alert mind.

Or it could mean simply thus:
Work hard-the money will come so that you can have choices.

I think it's probably telling me the latter. Means I have to go to work tomorrow. POOH!

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