Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Oh Rachel?????????

I'm not certain whether she reads my blogline or not, but I have another reading for her, which, quite astonishingly EXACTLY the same cards in EXACTLY the same order as the last draw...

You should know that I asked the cards about Rachel the other day, and never drew the cards...then when I asked what I should know for the day, I drew these cards...Now, I'm not certain whether the cards are telling me that I should have drawn for the question about Rachel a couple of days ago...and answered, and so now keep on answering the same thing because they are "confused" now.

So, The lovers reversed
The 8 of wands reversed
the Ace of Pents reversed.

Choices are made, whether action is taken or not, resulting in the beginnings of financial disasters...see how the meaning changes, depending on who I'm talking about? The 8 of wands also has arrows in it, which are falling to the ground in the reversed position, indicating that the action taken (or not taken) is going to have very negative consequences.

I just tried to contact her, but the phone just rang off the hook. Perhaps she's gone to the library to read email.

So it was a busy day today, and I don't feel like I got a lot done, but really, I did get quite a lot done. I still have a ton of work to do, unfortunately, and so it doesn't feel like I'm accomplishing much.

I drove to the hospital to see my father-in-law. He has pneumonia, and he has put out a rib with all the coughing. He's not getting any phlegm, which is troubling. The only good side to all this is that he's finally getting some sleep! However, mom has been awake all night with him--up and down until finally, he couldn't even stand on his feet anymore!

I got 2 books in the mail today from Amazon--both are sock books--

Knitting socks with handpainted yarns and
Socks A La Carte

The former is a newer book, that has lots of patterns designed especially for multi-colored yarn and to keep it from pooling, which is a boon, if you're of the crowd that hates pooling. I don't mind it so much, but I do like the way these designs help to make the yarn flow in a more "pleasing to the eye" type of way.

The latter book is taking sock bits apart and putting them back together again. It gives several cuffs, legs, heels and toes, and you get the opportunity to put them "together" in a flip book, to make literally thousands of designs. And the book tells you how to make all the "bits" turn into a sock of your own design--I mean, it's really very simple. From there, you can take your stitch dictionaries and use those designs on the leg as well! So it opens up a whole new world of possibility. I see vistas with socks on them, now.

A few days ago, I got an older book from Amazon called Hip Graphic Knits...this is a book specifically on color-knitting--fair isle, intarsia...those sorts of things. Lots of older patterns in the book, many are time-honored and still fashionable today! Of course, I wanted this to help me with my frustrations with intarsia, but I'm thinking that's over with now. I just have to practice with thicker yarn, and perhaps it will come.

It snowed a little bit today, but it melted quickly, and I was able to park in my own driveway this evening. Nothing like that, believe me. However, the night is fading fast, and I have lots of email to read, so I'm going to close for now, and get some knitting done after I read a bit of email.


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