Sunday, January 18, 2009

While the world watches...

Soon, we'll have a new president. The jokes abound. The last I heard was that finally, proof at last that aliens have landed on Earth. Exiting the spacecraft, it says

"Take me to your leader."

And the man who saw the craft land says...

"Um, can you wait a week?"

So there you go. The Bush Bashing Begins Anew.

I dreamed last night that my husband left me for his ex-wife. Scary stuff there--but then his dad came into the dream and said that it wasn't true, that Jeff wouldn't leave me, and it was so comforting, that I had to accept it. When I woke up, I asked Jeff if his dad had come in his dreams, and he said no. I would have expected both of us to dream about dad, since I figure that when you dream about someone who has passed, they really are in the room with you, influencing your subconscious--another scary thought, but there you go.

Today, I pull the 9 of swords. This for me is a really bad card--it's the nightmare card--and means that all sorts of fears and scary things come to the fore--entitled suffering, it can also mean that someone is or will be in trouble, crying, gnashing of teeth--wakefulness with tears at night. It could also mean an illness--sometimes the flu--and we all know what that means--wakefulness, getting up in the middle of the night to pay homage to the porcelain god...

So I'm wary of facing this day. I, or someone close to me, will have a seriously bad day. The weather is pretty snotty outdoors, and someone (me, since I'll be driving today) could end up in the ditch (that concept frightens me nowadays) or with a wrecked car. Maybe I should stay home?

Hubby is saying that he'd like to come home a bit earlier today--frankly, I think he should stay there and be ready for the memorial, and I'll tell him so--when he's done with his snow-blowing. And I have stuff in the trunk that needs to come into the house...there's some things to do here before we can go, but otherwise, the slate has been cleared to spend the entire weekend with the family--except for my dog.

My poor dog Mandy--she's had to stay home alone through all of this. I miss her, and I'm sure she misses me. Right now, she's resting in the bathroom, but earlier, she was looking/hunting for her ball. I'm not sure were it is. It's likely under the bed.

I finally finished the remake of Jeff's socks. I have to tie up some loose ends, but then, FINI, and I can begin another pair for MOI! I'll be making the Flower Patch socks by Terry Liann Morris-Sailing Knitter. She makes up some great patterns. Aren't they so pretty? The pattern isn't free, but I think it's worth the price. I can hardly wait to start them!

Well, enough for now, must empty the trunk of my car and bring things indoors. The cat is sitting at my side, waiting for his kibble.

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