Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Did I say "spring"?

HO! I meant WINTER!!! Holy cow. We got snow last night--only tons of it. How could I have thought it was spring just around the corner??????

I am, however, in keeping with my "spring cleaning" affect, working on the house and getting some real progress going here.

I put away the clean dishes, and loaded the good china in the dishwasher and washed it. Started dinner. Burned the trash (about 2 weeks worth, so it was a substantial amount). Found a place to put the china when it was clean. Cleaned out the cabinet and stashed its contents in other places to be put back in order at another time. Put away the china. Ate dinner. Cleared part of the kitchen counter. Watched a tiny bit of tv. *Put the dog out. Let her in. Repeat from *. Then I put my nylons in the sink to soak with my woolie socks.

Then I made the bed. Then I took my medication and went to bed. Then I tossed and turned until the light in the hallway came on (Jeff home), then tossed and turned some more until 4am-ish.

I got up at 5am. Repeat from * to *. Found out that it was snowing. HARD. Showered. Made Jeff's lunch. Made coffee. Drank my coffee and took my medication. Ate breakfast. Read a little email...other various snips of "what shall I do now". Rinsed and hung my socks/nylons up to dry. Donned my coat. Repeat from * to *. Dog came in looking like a snowman. Donned my hat and gloves. Pushed the snow off my car. Drove (SLOWLY) to work, stopping for gas and taking backroads because I was afraid the highways would be a mess. I was right. Many many slide-offs this morning, including a screwball in a 4-wheel-drive pickup that nearly sideswiped me in the middle of the road.

No one can say I've been idle for the last 24 hours. Absolutely no one. Double dog dare you.

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