Saturday, January 3, 2009

Today's Draw---

4 of Wands
2 of Wands reversed
9 of Swords

The cards are labelled thus--

I drove to my mother's today in order to take her grocery shopping, but thought I would kill two birds with one stone once I got there, and decided to install the new printer I purchased for my son for Christmas--the only gift I didn't make.

I had actually hoped that he would download the drivers and install them himself, but a week passes and he's still not done so...I suppose those German gals he talks to on the internet (wouldn't he freak out if he found out that usually, it's prison inmates?) hold a bit too much of his interest with their cybersex Click click click.

Anyway, he had to go to work, so I downloaded the drivers and the software, and then took my mother shopping. It took 4 hours. Mom was exhausted. I was exhausted.

Mental note: never attempt software installation in an exhausted state of mind...

I walked into his room, and opened the file. I was impressed at how slow his computer is compared to mine--the benefit of a Pentium III versus a Pentium II, I suppose, but I didn't think it would take THIS long....tapping foot...still waiting...hmmm....still waiting...banging on the top of the monitor (mental note-this does not help)...still waiting.

So I left the room, and finished another row on a pair of socks I'm re-knitting for Jeff. I returned...still waiting.

I left the room and helped my mother put away some of the groceries. I returned to the room...still waiting. I finally got disgusted and saved the file I wanted my son to print to a word-pad document in rtf format and left! Frustrated to the max....

Only to come home and find out that my registry was corrupted for my cdrom driver--WHAT? So I call my guru. He said "google, you'll find the answer" know I can't find an ear of corn in a cornfield, but somehow I managed, and I editted my registry (don't attempt this is you aren't adept at editting your registry--you can corrupt your entire system this way)--

Mental note: hmm..maybe should have done a backup...

So I editted my registry, restarted, and all was fine after that. I found the cd that I wanted with the files on it that I wanted. I installed a program and now I have to restart again.

How's that?

So's how the cards read--

A new project develops during the day, but because of your lack of confidence, it ends in suffering (frustration). And let me tell you, it was HOURS of the last item. HOURS.

Just like Yosemite Sam who hates rabbits....gee, you think?

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