Sunday, January 25, 2009

One Weird Day...

Well, the ominous predictions of yesterday didn't materialize, however, I didn't spend all day at my friend's house--however, had I told my husband that I was angry for going up there when in fact, all that was wrong was that the web server was down at his cable company--well, that would have made hubby upset.

So there was some regret on my part, plus the roads (well, the side roads anyway) were VERY icy. But after checking over my friend's system, I was able to determine that he did not have a problem, and so we went to Saginaw for some fearsome shopping experience and a tasty lunch at Applebees.

As we were returning, and I started thinking hard about going home, I developed an upset stomach and a serious case of gastro blastitis--my term for projectile vomitting at the other end--AHEM--and the bubbles were serious enough to make me stop 3 or 4 times before getting home. So I read the cards wrong--so sue me!

I myself am looking for a new phone with some neater gadgets. I would like a blackberry--I'm not sure I need one since I don't text worth a tiddlee poot, but if I had a correct keyboard, I might possibly use it, as there are several family members that I would text if I had the opportunity. Also, in February, the contract with Sprint is up, so I can change providers--so I'm considering moving to Verizon--even though they are stingy a$$holes when it comes to billing and getting their payments on time. I have my broadband card through them, and I think that their policies have mellowed some since I last did business with them. Plus I'm looking to save some dollars on a package deal.

But back to the new phone, as I'd like a blackberry, but I'd also like one of those that you use the screen to click--and it has a keyboard that clicks, but I would worry that the screen would eventually break with use, and the keys may eventually stick with the blackberry. It's probably better to get a phone like the one I already have.

I finished another dishcloth this morning. This one, I waited until the yahoo group finished posting it, and then knit, row after row, while watching television. It didn't take long, and you'll note that my knit meter has some information on it. The dishcloth is cute, but not very "special", in so far as patterns go. Had I to knit it again, I would put in fewer fillers and more of the diamonds, but there you go.

I have about 1/3 of the leg done on one of the flower patch socks. I want to get back to it, but the knitting of it makes my hand hurt--so I have to work on it in measured doses. The business of using both hands to knit makes me hold the needles and thread more--which irritates the tendinitis. I will work on it more this evening.

In the meantime, hubby is starting to work on his new schedule, which means he's still awake at 2am, and still asleep at 10am. His eating schedule is off too. I still run on 6/12/6 schedule. He'll be on 10/4/11 eating schedule, which means I make dinner still, but he eats leftovers for his supper, and eats lunch from a lunchbox. So I have to make up sandwiches and wrap them and refrigerate them--days ahead of time so that I'm not making them daily.

It's hard for me to plan things like that, but there you go.

Today, I pulled the Page of Discs, entitled Health, reversed. This means that somebody's going to get sick, and the last couple of days, it's been me, what with my gastro-blastitis. Plus my sugar has been slightly elevated--not impossible, but definitely higher--and I've been napping again in the afternoons. I think that each has to do with the other, and I'm just taking in too many carbs. The result is an upset tummy. For instance, Friday, my friend and I went to a Coney dog place and I ate a plate full of chili cheese fries. Last night, my sugar was at 132 (should be around 70-140), and I was just awake from a long nap. Today, I can tell that my sugar is elevated again (because of Applebees buffalo wings in barbeque sauce, not because I ate too much, but because I had too much sugar in my system from the bbq sauce), and so I'm sleeping again today; however, I am not afflicted with gastro-blastitis--thank god--yet. I had a sandwich for lunch (as cold as it is today!), and now feel better with something substantial on my tummy, but I think a small bowl of soup would have fared better.

I have directions for my hubby's cousin who lives in Grand Rapids. It would seem that she is offering to let Jeff stay with her in exchange for some help here or there--so that he's not driving at 11pm trying to get home in crappy weather. This is a boon for me! I can hardly wait! I know that it will be difficult for me to sleep thinking of him on the roadways at night. Plus, my evenings will be free, so I can come home and relax, or I can stay out with my girlfriends, or I can take a class at the LYS--my life will open right up!

So the change will have it's upside and downside. Right now, he's playing chess, and not doing very well at it today. Poor bubba.


Debra in NC said...

I too have Verizon and you should know that in order to utilize the blackberry your monthly bill will go up an additional $30. Plus, the blackberry storm's user reviews on like really turned me off that phone.

That's why I went with the LG Dare.....I absolutely love it! While it doesn't have a "true" keyboard, when texting if you turn it horizontally you have a virtual qwerty keyboard that gives a little buzz like vibration with each touch.

Tenna Draper said...

interesting notes--thanks Debra.