Monday, January 5, 2009

It had to happen, right?

The vacation is over.
I'm back at work.
But what I thought was going to be a mess, really isn't so much...and I'm not sure why, but I'm pretty happy about it, and thanking God that things didn't get too out of hand....although the supervisor tried to put some things ahead of me, and it's caused me a bit of consternation....but I'll get over that.

I chatted a bit on the Cloth a Week chat website, and everyone was really glad to see me there. I've been knitting so hard for Christmas, that I nearly gave up everything! But now, Christmas is past, and I can get back to the normal weekly all day, work all evening, sleep all night (well, MOST of it anyway--for some reason I had trouble sleeping--couldn't have been the fact that I was waiting for the alarm to go off could it?), play on the weekend (except for housework), and knit.

I caught up on a lot of knitting email--I think I'm involved in too many groups. Frankly, I'd rather that the Ravelry forum stuff would come directly to my box at home...I've considered talking to the programmers about would sure free me up to discuss things with people, instead of going back and forth to grab the email/forum posts.

Well, that's all for now. The lunch is over, and I need another Diet Pepsi.

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