Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It Must be Spring

You know how people generally get that huge urge to go whirlwind on you, and do spring cleaning?

Well, since Hubby is on Afternoon shift, I have lots of time with nothing to do, so I decided to go clean my computer area and the table before spin night last night.

Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to housekeeping, but if I get a bug in my butt to make my house look nice (since I'm the only one living here it would seem to the casual observer), I like to get jiggy widit and off I go! The table was covered in about a foot of unopened mail-mostly junk mail and bills that I don't really need to give any serious consideration to, and other some such--but it had to be gone through to give hubby his mail, and throw away most of mine.

Oh, lookit here! My 401K went down $20K, does that make it a 381K now?

And I don't have to pay another $60 for my car insurance, since I'm already overpaid--how about that-I'll be getting a $40 refund. Oh, and a gift certificate for $25 from Threadbear. COOL! And the W2's for the tax return. Well, I'll put that in Jeff's pile for tax time (coming soon to a theater near you!)

So, good news, bad news--I hate the mail. I let my bank do all my banking for me these days.

So I'm sure that when hubby came home last night, he likely thought he was in the wrong house. Heck! There's a TABLE THERE? Who'd a thunk it?

And cleaning jeanie isn't stopping there. Tonight, I find a place for some really nice china that he picked up at a garbage sale, and run the stairs a dozen times taking down books, yarn, fleece and spinning wheels to simply hide them for now while I clean.clean.clean.

Spring must be just around the corner. I'm still praying for 60 degrees year 'round.

Oh, and last night, there was a little bit of aurora in the northern/northwestern skies. Very pretty. Yessirree. Spring starts TOMORROW, so you'd best get out your shorts and sunglasses because it's coming quick! I wouldn't want you to blink and miss it!

Oh, and I finished the heel flap. So far, a very easy sock to do. Now I'm on the heel turn, and I'm going to follow the written instructions. It looks more complicated, so I'm going to do it at a time when I can really relax and concentrate, because I don't want to mess it up.

Lunchtime sounds good.

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