Friday, January 16, 2009

Tarot Card for the day

Death Reversed-from the Druidcraft Tarot deck.

Now, death upright, would mean a drastic change--a passing of the old into something new--

The card shows a crone, very old and likely of magical background, holding a skull and wearing a handscythe on a thong on her belt, which is wrapped around her robes. She's indoors by the window, standing in front of the cauldron, which is steaming. There's a snake winding it's way down the shelving, checking out her body heat, and a couple of jars on the shelf, as well as a small dark mask. Outside, the sky is overcast, with something of a sunrise on the horizon, enough to light up the stones standing which are similar to Stonehenge. There are herbs hanging from the ceiling.

The general attitude of the card is the combination of dark and light, bright and dull, good and evil--basically the way that life generally is ying and yang all over the place, but Death in Tarot has been said does not mean "Death" per se. Most readers will try to tell you it doesn't necessarily mean that somebody's gonna die! I'm NOT one of those readers. Death is no end in itself. It's just passing into a different existence, if you believe in some sort of religion. If not, then it's still a big change...from matter that lives and breathes to the bits of star dust that remain after the bugs, worms and rot have done their thing--you poor buggers!

But death reversed to me, would mean a return to the norm--after the change/pain has passed, a rather peaceful disposition and acceptance that is relatively transcendant to things that have come to pass from it's upright cousin. A return to the natural flow of things for the living and those left behind after death has touched a family.

By the way, I should add here, that I've been seeing 3:33 on the clock again, and since Poppa's gone, it can only mean that there is someone else on the docket. And of course, death always comes in threes--Jeff's ex's mom died at Christmas Eve. Jeff's dad died January 13--there will be another soon, but I'm not sure who or exactly when. My mother and mother-in-law are all in pretty good health--and so far, the deaths have been connected to Jeff. I hate for him to have to go through a lot of death and funeral stuff, but there you go. It could be anybody, I suppose. I'll keep you posted.

It is so cold in my office this morning. I understand that it's 25 degrees below zero outside in the windchill--and 9 below is the temp. Man, it's cold out there too! I ran my car for about 20 minutes before getting inside it, and the heater never did spit out warm air--but when I got out of the car, I realized how wrong I was!

Thank goodness spring is on it's way.

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