Friday, January 2, 2009

New Stuff

Well, today has been a very good day, as the cards predicted. I found out that Threadbear was buying sets of addi-clicks, which are interchangable needles, and they are Addi Turbo's. There are 3 different cables, size 4-15 for needles, one "extender" also can be used as a stitch holder, a needle sizer and a pin to make you look pretty.

Of course, you know I bought the set sight unseen. I drove to Threadbear at breakneck speeds, had I gotten stopped, I would have had one heck of a ticket, because

Guess what?

I left my purse at home. I set it down to put my snow boots on, and forgot it.

So how did I pay for my purchase? I had my ATM card in my pocket! Eureka!

So there was one wish granted...which I wished for a long time ago--that addi's would come out in interchangeables--now, I just need the smaller sizes, and I'm all set! Maybe 7 or 8 of the 40" cable--who knows? I could have 6 pair on the needles and not bat an eyelash...

After Threadbear, I did some grocery shopping. I bought some Dibs (ice cream in a ball of chocolate) some carmel corn rice cakes (a real treat at the end of the day) and the normal, milk, bread--you know the drill.

I also got some cookies to bake in the oven. They are Oatmeal and cranberry, and they are REALLY good. I ate one for my bedtime snack. Only 21 carbs (okay, it's a little over my allowed amount, but I ate fewer carbs at dinner, and I felt fine!), and so freaking tasty. I wanted more than one, but one is all I ate. It was almost too decadent to write about.

After groceries, I stopped to my friend's house--she hostesses the spin night, and she had called me earlier to ask me about a few things, and she told me that she had some things at her house for me. We made plans to meet tomorrow morning, but since I'm pretty busy Saturday, and so is she, I decided that tonight was a better option, and called her when I was only 2 minutes away.

She was in her jammies.

Anyway, she gave me 3 skeins of wool that Bill Davis had spun. Bill Davis died this summer, and some of his yarn was being distributed between his friends. The yarn is WONDERFUL and SOFT and BULKY and hand spun is always nice to get.

She gave me a pair of socks with a cool cat...hmmm, might have to take a picture of them on...well, okay, perhaps not...these are them--ain't they so special? I really like them. I can't wait to put them on--and I might wear them tomorrow to my mom's just to show them off!

Then she gave me, for my birthday, something smelly...notice I talked about the socks first, because they weren't the "smelly" thing...haha! No, this was the bestest of everything--she got me a room this is really cool, because she got me lavender, which is my favorite "smelly thing" in the world. The sticks in the jar wick the "smell" into the air, and it's like walking into a field of lavender. I can't smell it all over the house YET, but I know it's coming!

In the meantime, I knit 8 more rows on Jeff's socks, and installed a new printer program on my computer, plus updated my Snag-It software, which is wonderful software, let me tell you!

Well, I have to close for now, as it's tomorrow, and I have to sleep sometime.

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