Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Morning

Up with the crack of dawn and back to busy with housework.

Dishes in the dishwasher.
Another load from the washer to the dryer (and that task is done except for folding/hanging and putting away!)
Washed the floor in the laundry room. Someone (3 guesses, and the first 2 don't count) dropped a container of soap on the floor, which broke, and left soap spreading from here to there. It was a mess. I cleaned up as best as I could, but apparently left some residue. Three days later, the cat and dog hairs had migrated to the spot--and it was ugly. Well, it isn't there anymore. All cleaned up.

I cleared off the bathroom vanity and Windexed the mirror and used Scrubbing Bubbles to clean off the vanity. I had various types of stuff growing on my husband's side, because he doesn't clean up very well after shaving. There was only a little bit of dust on MY SIDE.
This man puts up with a lot of filth. I can't take it after a while. I think he needs to hire me a maid!

Then it was time for Ghost Whisperer. I was hoping that it was another episode of her and her husband AFTER he got shot, died and occupied another guy's dead body. (Hey, that sounds like material for a soap opera if ever I heard one!) But sadly and alas, it was about a previous time. Next week, I suppose, they will show another episode of "After the Gunshot". Also next Monday, is a new episode of Medium, which I haven't seen in quite a long while, and I sort of miss it.

I considered getting out my knitting, but didn't want it to distract from watching the show, so I declined knitting for the evening. Then I dropped into bed and read another chapter in my book. I fell fast asleep soon after, and I don't remember my husband coming in last night, which is unusual.

He told me the other day that it could be as little as two months and he would be laid off from GM. This man has over 30 years with the company, and he's getting laid off? That should tell you something, friends. Anyway, I'm pretty sure that he wants to open communication doors, but when he says things like that, I'm not sure what to say--especially when it's on the phone and I'm at the office. It's not like I can drop everything right now to talk about it, you know? It is so frustrating sometimes, because then, when he's home, he doesn't want to talk. It's as if it's too close quarters--like I'm going to reach out and hit him if he says it again. I have no idea.

But the whole concept worries me. I was hoping that he would merge my credit card to the refinance of the house. Instead, he wants me to tell him the amount on the card, plus what is left to pay on my car, plus any other credit balances I might have...and I have a small overdraft balance, which I've been paying off bit by bit until I get my car paid off, then I was going to pay off the overdraft, then start on the credit card, and get them done and over with, hopefully before we refinanced the house. Unfortunately, with the layoff, he's got to move on things, or the bank won't give us the GREAT interest rate that's out right now. And so his move. But on the other hand, I'm sure that he's going to want me to pay part of the house payment when it's recalculated, and then his money is basically scott free-and my money is paying all the bills. I worry that I won't be able to buy a skein of yarn when I want to, or to purchase a pattern online--without asking for a few dollars to cover it, and being told "NO" all the time. He is VERY tightfisted with his money, and while I'm not the opposite, I am more of a spender than he is.

What he doesn't understand, however, is that someday, *I* will retire. I won't have the extra dollars then that I have now. I won't be able to go to the yarn store and buy that special yarn that I know I will just love, in fact, I'll probably stay home most of the time just to avoid the temptation--although the internet may still be around. So I am collecting, and saving for retirement--not in dollars and cents which will eventually be gone due to robbery by the government, but in yarn that will basically last forever if the moths don't get to it first.

And all the fabric that I bought years ago? It will become quilts that will keep us warm in the cold winters that come. For that matter, we could tow a fifth-wheel and move around, live life on the road (sounds so romantic, but I would probably kill him in the first week in such close quarters.).

So I have my ducks lined up early. I have my retirement project list, and figure that I'll be able to better keep a handle on the house once retired. I can hardly wait.

Wow, all the thoughts in my head this morning!

My single card draw this morning..."what should I be aware of today:" is:

The 8 of Pentacles. Entitled Skill, but in reversed formation.

It's telling me that I need to start spending more wisely, and stop trying to economize on the small stuff, while I'm still spending a lot on the bigger stuff. Well imagine that! The cards see right through my blog post! Sometimes, these cards can be scary!

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