Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thursday: And so very boring...

Still working on Jeff's socks--I can't believe how boring they are to knit. It must be that there's simply nothing to them--even a standard knit over and over would at least go faster. I do 4 rows, and I'm ready to put them down! I probably need to work on something else, but the things I have on the needles are all things I don't want to work on.

This happened when I was quilting. I got all the latest gadgets. I bought all the newest books, and after while, I got REALLY BORED with it. None of the new books or mags had patterns I really wanted to do--none of the old books and patterns had stuff in them that I wanted to do--even going to the fabric store got old--I call it a rut, and that's where I was.

And now am, only this time with knitting.

So I turned to my Tarot cards. Since my husband's job is sort of failing, I asked the Tarot what was going to happen with my husband's job.

And there you have it. Change but not immediately, then a huge move--transfer? But he'll hate it. Notice the water card vs the fire card--that's where I get hate it--fire and water don't mix. The move won't be a good fit for him, and he'll be really unhappy with the option.

He's been saying that it's likely he'll probably retire if there's something offered to him as an incentive to give up his job--otherwise, his plan is to stick with it until he can't work it anymore.

I just hope we have the house paid off before then.

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