Friday, January 2, 2009

Wasted Away Again...

Hubby and I made a small turkey a few days ago. We are finally all "sandwiched" out. I took what leftovers I could and put them in a stewpot/slowcooker, and some water and spices, potatoes, peas, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, plus a few elbow macaronis, and it's turkey soup (in about another hour) for lunch at about 4pm...I suppose we *could* call it dinner instead, right?

We also made a ham, and the bone will make bean soup in a day or so. I just love crockpot soups.

So many patterns, though, and so little time.

Crystal Palace has a new yarn coming out in January, and a sock pattern that is just to die for...check them out..They will soon be on my todo list...although I don't know when. I've written to one of the bosses at Threadbear to find out if they plan to stock the item--if not, I'll be ordering online several of the colors. They are all so nice.

Monthly Dishcloths has started a new year of KAL's, and I've gotten 19 rows done of the latest dishcloth--so I'll be following that for the next several days...

My friend, Ray is talking about getting a new band started--I don't know where he's going to draw the pipers, but at the moment we're just trying to gel out the drum section. I've got plans for that--but not this winter. There's just been too much ice and snow. I am thinking of getting together with him in the next few days--perhaps after I take my mother grocery shopping tomorrow, perhaps Sunday.

So I drew cards for the day...this is just a general draw--What do I need to know for the day?

3 of swords, reversed
Tower reversed
The star

A very stable day, no arguments, no unhappiness, everything stays together, nothing falls apart, the ground is beneath my feet, and the sky's the limit. Time to make a wish to maybe come true. Maybe I should wish to win the lottery?

You'll note that I added a new website/blogsite to my blog--another one that I read occassionally. You might remember that I worked on a sweater from the Am Kamin book, totally written in Japanese? Well, this site/group decided to carry on with the process, and has grown into quite a following. I have several japanese books now. The patterns are simply gorgeous! I don't think there's anything that can come close in American magazines/books. I really wish I could afford to have both, but something had to give, and to be honest, I don't want it to be my wallet...

So, I keep to my lys most of the time, unless they don't have what I want, which isn't normally the case, and I carry on with whatever I want to knit at the time. These days, however, I'm catching up on my email, and the email from the japanese group reminded me of this site, and so I added it here so that I can track what happens there. Simply because I love these Japanese patterns!

So then, on the needles...
The dishcloth from Monthly dishcloths
Jeff's socks
The Fair Isle Sweater
The Swing Sweater
The Princess Shawl

seems like a lot, but really it's not. I just have to get back to it, and that means determination. I'm going to need that Turkey soup soon if I'm to knit at all anymore today.

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