Saturday, January 24, 2009

Life goes on

And so now, all the people have gone home. Poppa is safely in a jar at mom's house, and with that exception, she is alone now.

She called Jeff 3 times yesterday. She's worried about him, and so am I.

While on bereavement, his boss moved him to the afternoon shift.

Now, my hubby tends to fall asleep at the wheel, so days is the best choice for him, since there doesn't seem to be a carpool that goes to the other side of the state for the afternoon shift. So all you drivers out there that run the I-96 corridor, best watch your booties! Until there's a carpool for him, he'll be driving home in the dark, and neither his mom nor I like that idea.

I'm considering having him take a disability retirement--even though that's not what he wants--but who am I to horn in on his life, right?

Today, I'm heading for my friend's house. I'm going there to fix his computer. It died on him again. Since the weather didn't turn nasty last night (only a little snow and blow--not much damage according to my car's rooftop), I should be able to make it with no problem, but I'll check the cards to see what they say..and I draw...

Three of Cups (Regret)
5 of Wands (Grounding)
2 of cups reversed (Harmony)

Hmm...this seems to say that I should stay home. I'll regret going and disrupt the harmony of my home. That doesn't sound really good. Perhaps I'll only stay for a little while, and keep in touch with Jeff during the day as to my activities.

I should also contact Ray to let him know I'm coming--it's early yet, so he shouldn't have taken off anywhere.

I just called. It's only 7am--and he's unavailable. I suppose he might be sleeping. I don't think he can get to the phone in time--not realizing that there's a phone right beside his bed!!! Go figure. I'll try again in a few minutes before leaving, so that I don't miss him, as it's quite a trip there, and I don't want to make it for nothing if he's not going to be home.

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